Pasture Project with Mount Olympus as a backdrop

Built on a pristine pasture with an inspiring view of Mount Olympus as a backdrop this incredible project is rooted to the site and its owners. Virginia and Chris sought out a home that would operate on minimal energy, work its environment, and promote exceptional modern design. Utah-based architecture firm Imbue Design saw great opportunity for innovation through this fun, young progressive family. The “Pasture Project” from its initial design phase took advantage of all site and passive energy sources. Unique features incorporated into the project include and 85 foot Trombe wall heating system, subsurface thermal properties, natural ventilation, convective circulation, solar orientation, solar energy, and thermal mass. Spatially the residence was formed around the family’s open lifestyle with seamless expansive spaces and an ardent connection to their beautiful surroundings.

Visit the website of Imbue Design here.

Photos: Courtesy of Imbue Design

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12 years ago

I love your posts keeps up the good work!