Concrete glass pavilion overlooking the West Coast

Piha House is located in Piha, a coastal community in Auckland, New Zealand designed by Xsite Architects. Completed in 2003, the home appears as a concrete block, glass pavilion set amongst Pohutukawa trees overlooking the West Coast. Here is a project description from the architects, “the experience is, however, both surprising and inspiring for the way it deals with the abundance of fortune. Two key views or reference points structure the plan, creating both beautifully framed views out of, as well as across and between spaces. The interior landscape in turn arranges around a covered courtyard; this in-between realm, not quite inside or out, is a critical exploration in our world. This house adds a fine example to our heritage.”

This house has been awarded both a NZIA Branch Award, an NZIA National Supreme Award and the Master Builders Supreme Award. It is the only building in New Zealand to have reached this achievement.

Visit the website of Xsite Architects here.

Photos: Simon Devit

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