Luminous and inviting Barcelona apartment

This beautifully renewed home spotted on Mi Casa is situated in a 1940s building in Barcelona, Spain. Designed to be both cozy and functional, interior designer Laura Masiques of Estudio Jardí was commissioned to transform the environments to exude class and naturalness. A new distribution to the spaces focused on the creation of broad, open, space that integrates the hallway, sitting area and dining area. Elegant white moldings were added to enhance the ceiling and contrast with the walls. The peaceful and serene atmosphere was created through the feeling of space, which was achieved with chromatic harmony of furniture and textiles. The kitchen has direct access from the living room and maintains the same decorative base. The bedroom has an incredible sense of serenity with toasted sand and tan contrasting with the white crown molding and decorative trim for the original headboard.

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12 years ago

This is so sweet one, How beautiful it is!!
Great to see this apartment!