Captivating farm house in Madrid

We discovered this charming and beautifully decorated farm house on Nuevo Estilo, located in Madrid, Spain. With a calm environment, fabulous garden and swimming pool surrounding the property, these are just some of the factors that most attracted the current owners to this house. The endless possibilities offered by the interior made the home even more desirable. The intent of the design was to cool the environments and enjoy a solid decoration of classical basis and contemporary character.

To carry out the project of reform, interior designer Luisa Olazabal was asked to make the aesthetic of the home very current, and, in turn, would make it warm and cozy. The spaces were also opened up to generate visual depth and create better circulation. The furnishings were designed symmetrically to fill empty spaces and achieve order, purity and balance. Comfort and warmth were generated from the thick wool carpets; textures give body to the curtains and upholstery, which were mostly linens and cottons in neutral tones. Decorative features include antiques and sculptures, paintings and photographs that populate the spaces.

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