51 Insanely beautiful rustic barn bathrooms

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We have presented to you several different rustic barn interiors in the past, including a recent post on barn style bedroom ideas. Designing a trendy bathroom in your home with a rustic barn interior can create a warm and welcoming bathroom oasis. There are several different styles to decorate your bathroom in, but barn interiors seem to be a popular and current trend. Using reclaimed materials, barn doors, re-purposed and vintage objects and mixing some industrial elements can create the perfect rustic barn bathroom interior. You can clad your bathroom walls in reclaimed barn wood, use an old bucket for a sink and you are already on your way to a chic rustic bathroom. Mixing industrial elements with wood will keep your bathroom modern yet warm and inviting. If you are looking for a more country style look, try adding some folk art to the walls. With its self-sufficient, homegrown appeal, folk art can look particularly nice in a rustic style bathroom. Try using old lanterns or wire baskets for unusual lighting or go industrial, there are plenty of salvage shops that carry lighting that can create a great statement piece in your bathroom.

We have gathered together for you an assortment of 51 rustic barn style bathrooms  that will give you some inspirational ideas for your next bathroom remodel. Enjoy and please let us know which one most inspired you!

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Sliding barn doors borrowed from outbuildings are ultra-functional and perfectly appropriate with rustic style.

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Too many mass-produced or overly tailored pieces dilute a room’s rustic style. Instead, choose furnishings and objects with strong, slightly rough profiles, such as the bread trough, and barrel waste basket shown here.

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Rustic Barn Bathrooms-15-1 Kindesign

Rustic style is about using found objects, such as old pails turned into sinks and wire baskets transformed into light fixtures.

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Rustic interiors tend to mix with industrial style. Feel free to take a bit of a risk with accents such as offbeat lighting, decorative displays and artwork.

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A rustic bathroom is nothing without some patina. Your space shouldn’t convey a feeling of shiny newness, you want surfaces with a little age on them (or at the least, surfaces that fake it). Reclaimed wood, such as in this bath; hammered, distressed and tarnished metals; and wavy or seeded glass blend together in a distinctively layered way.

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-38-1 Kindesign

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Rustic Barn Bathrooms-42-1 Kindesign

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-43-1 Kindesign

It’s nice to have a few sleek surfaces to tighten the look. Simple, clean cabinetry and shelving keep this space cohesive but allow the rustic notes to come through.

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-44-1 Kindesign

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-45-1 Kindesign

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-46-1 Kindesign

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Rustic Barn Bathrooms-48-1 Kindesign

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-49-1 Kindesign

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Rustic Barn Bathrooms-51-1 Kindesign

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