Spectacular lake house peacefully nestled on Lake Burton, Georgia


This gorgeous lake house was designed by architecture studio Pritchett + Dixon, nestled on a spectacular piece of property along Lake Burton, a reservoir in Georgia. The dwelling offers panoramic views over the lake as well as the surrounding lush mountains in the distance. The architects had previously worked with the homeowners on two other homes they have owned. One being their primary residence and the other was their first home on Lake Burton.

With their past working relationship, this helped the architects to have a more intimate knowledge of the homeowner’s tastes. It was agreed early on in the design concept phase of the project that the home would have a special Southern feel, which would highly benefit its surroundings. When the project begun, the architects tackled this project the same way they do with all of their projects, they started by designing the interior arrangement.


The interiors were designed to maximize the views of the site’s spectacular surroundings. Each of the rooms offer magnificent views of both the water and the mountains, which the architects feel is a benefit to having a home custom designed to it’s site. The exterior was designed to follow suit with the interior. Each rooms function would dictate its space needs and its form.

The inspiration for the project was a combination of its historical lakeside setting and Appalachian architecture. The finished result speaks for itself: a charming lakefront home that is in perfect harmony with its environment. According the architects, the owners have reported that boats will continually stop to take photos and give praise.


What We Love: Surrounded by lush vegetation on a hillside setting overlooking a lake, this fabulous house is filled with charm. From the moment of entry you are greeted by bright white interiors and the warmth of hardwood flooring. A cozy, open concept floorplan helps to make this lake house feel spacious. The views of the lake are nothing short of spectacular, a beautiful home with an equally beautiful setting.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this lake house, is there anything you don’t like about its design features?


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Photos: Craig Bromley Photography

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1 year ago

What are the exterior paint colors on this house?