Bauhaus style home within a picturesque landscape

The HI-MACS House is a stunning collaboration between German architectural studios Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects. The residence is located in Bavaria, Germany, next to the Ammersee Lake and overlooking the green forests of Upper Bavaria, the home borrows its name from the natural acrylic stone used in its construction. The home presents itself as an incredible display of contemporary architecture dispersed over 4,251 square feet (395 square meters) on a 1,200 square meters property. The geometry borrowed from the Bauhaus style and a contrasting bright facade differentiates this residential building from its neighbors. The shell structure of the two cubic volumes is made from cross laminated timber, with clear white mineral plaster finishes. HI-MACS, an innovative mineral material made from a high-tech mixture of 75% natural minerals and pigments and 25% acrylates is widely used in the construction due to its fantastic properties. An over-sized entrance with filigreed details welcomes inhabitants in their new home, opening up opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. Via

Photos: Dirk Wilhelmy

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