Concrete and glass shelter in Mar Azul forest

This incredible concrete holiday home was designed by BAK Architects in the coastal forest of Mar Azul, 400 km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The foundation was built with respect for the environment, with the structure consisting of two perpendicular prisms, on a strong slope with dense foliage. The goal was to minimize intervention in the landscape. The slope was exploited to create an ultra-luminous semi-basement, thus reducing the volume and embraced in one of the facades is a preserved pine, old and very robust.

The towering maritime pines provide privacy to the house and relieve high winds on the coast, but they also cast a strong shadow that reduces the amount of natural light. To overcome this handicap, numerous windows were screened at different heights and with different sizes, from fixed glazing to floor to ceiling glass walls. Views of nature are provided in any direction from the interior, while the exterior reflects the landscape making the housing camouflaged.

Access to the main floor is by way of a raised platform of lamas of wood that runs along the long facade. Through a sliding enclosure comes to an open space which hosts different environments: two living areas, kitchen with dining room and a staircase at the intersection of two prisms. The master bedroom and bathroom are isolated from the rest of the house which receives light through generous windows which are open and almost flush with the ground. The simplicity of the construction is repeated in the interiors with furnishings in concrete and formwork in wood, as well as walls and ceilings. Carpets and leather of cow or zebra, mirrors and bold splashes of red details draws attention, which makes up the brief and effective ornamental repertoire. What are your thoughts, what do you think of this spectacular home?

Visit the website of BAK Architects here.

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