Charming and elegant country house in Spain

This beautifully restored farm house was spotted on Nuevo Estilo, it is the refuge of fashion designer Jorge Vaizquez in Madrid, Spain. The designer felt hopelessly enthralled with this 300 year old farm house with crumbling stone walls that once belonged to the Conde de la Maza. A laborious rehabilitation was carried out by the designer’s father and brother. Spaces were rejuvenated completely and the distribution of the rooms was changed, using the reference of the stone to mix past and present. The decoration also followed the same direction, old and new pieces fit perfectly to articulate warm and comfortable living environments. Details came into play to provide an atmosphere of personality, such as old portraits combined with super trendy tableware, plates on the walls and groupings of Chinese porcelain and candlesticks. All of these magnificent touches breathe life into the environments, as if there were centuries that live here, but with a dose of modern updates and elegant sophistication.

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