Boho chic style radiates in this lovely Spanish country home

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Today we are taking you through a house tour located in Spain, of blogger and style influencer Mayte Gálvez, author of the blog Mytenida. The blog name refers to different styles, it is a Chilean term that is equivalent to the English outfit—an influencer of fashion, nature and interior design. Her home also reflects her stylish nature. A mixture of ethnic style, hippie, Ibizan and oriental. A detached house full of details and handcrafted pieces that posses great sentimental value.

She says she is “passionate about art, culture and everything that she captures through her five senses and produces an enormous sensation of well-being.” She and her husband personally took care of the decoration of their home, with is a reflection of the style and personality of both. Both indoors and out radiates with an exotic and ethnic air, showcasing unique pieces that have been acquired in the couple’s travels; inspiring countries such as Bali or Morocco, as well as sculptures made by her husband.

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Furniture, lighting and decorative objects were selected to create comfortable and familiar environments. When designing this family home, the whole family worked together to inspire each other. The blogger has stated that they love to involve their children in their projects, to instill in them a love and respect for nature. The wild landscapes, Formentera, the Mediterranean Sea or the great city of Tangier are some sources of inspiration for styling and accessories. This also gives life and uniqueness to the different environments that make up their home.

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What We Love: This Boho chic home features a fun and playful design aesthetic, that is both warm and inviting. From indoors to outdoors, there is lots of creativity and inspiration. The eclectic mix of pieces picked up from world travels adds to the overall charm and character of this home. This home welcomes you inside to relax, get comfortable and stay awhile!

Readers, please share what your overall thoughts are of this stylish home. Are there any details that you find inspiring?

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Boho chic style is key throughout the interiors. Free, natural, traveler, bohemian, hippie … A boho chic environment is characterized by a mixing of pieces from different eras and styles. It is free and eclectic. Next to contemporary furniture, you will find furniture, objects and textiles brought from Africa, Asia or South America. Acquisitions with which spaces gain personality. White and neutral tones become the perfect backdrop for ethnic fabrics, vivid color strokes and floral prints.

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Naturalness is another characteristic of boho style. The earth tones, green and blue, mark the decoration of these light-hearted environments. Essential, green and leafy plants are scattered throughout the house.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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