Fabulous AE House connected with nature

The AE house is an exploration of privacy and materiality in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, designed by architecture firm twentyfourseven. The three-level home is comprised of 8,794 square feet (817 square meters) and takes advantage of a unique situation where building restrictions requires the home to take on a unique form that individuates it from the rest of the neighborhood. Instead of being closed off from the outside, the inside is connected to the outdoors with incredible views, illumination and natural ventilation of the spaces. The family becomes the most interesting space in the home by being placed in between the front garden and a back gravel patio, running through the full length of the site and keeping a connected relationship with the outdoors. The room becomes a casual space that is open, serene and integrated to the exterior in a way which contrasts with city living.

The kitchen has been in placed in a position where it can relate to both the formal and the everyday dining spaces. The private spaces on the top level consist of bedrooms which features views of the lush vegetation of Jacarandas and Palm trees. The floor has been designed for privacy due to the position of the home running perpendicular to the street, exposing minimum front towards the street. The basement is comprised of service zones while the first floor privacy is attained by way of walls and wooden sliding doors. Orientation, views and privacy were the primary forces behind the design, while the sensual and aesthetic conditions of materials that were used explore the tectonic interaction between the spaces created by the intersection of spaces and volumes. What do you think of this spectacular house? Via

Visit the website of architecture firm twentyfourseven here.

Photos: Pim Shalkwijk

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12 years ago

Nice elegant home for family.