Ultra-fabulous Ukrainian penthouse

This fabulous top floor apartment has been designed by Slava Balbek of 2B Group in Kiev, Ukraine. The architects wanted to create warmth to a space with materials that consisted of concrete, wood and metal. The project was a three-level penthouse comprised of 4,090 square feet (380 square meters) located in the heart of the city on Dnieper River. The third floor of the apartment consists of an open terrace facing a Kyiv left bank panorama on a south-east with total space of 2,690 square feet (250 square meters).

The client wished for nothing but eco-friendly materials, open space and a high quality of life for a young man with a 7 year old child. The client chose to express his stylistic preferences by referring to a musical composition, which was nothing plastic, artificial or shining, nothing excessive. Some of the details include creating a multi-functional space for the child’s room, including game, training and sleeping areas. For the kitchen, the architects refused to use standard Bulthaup decorative panels, replacing it with a conventional brick, laying them one by one.

 To make the container that serves as a guest bathroom and cloakroom, it had to be custom designed out of waterproof plywood. The recreation pavilion on the terrace was constructively made of a wooden frame and inside made of the painted sheets of medium density fiberboard.

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