Amazing concrete home with views of the Swiss Alps

High above Lake Lucerne, with breathtaking views of the water and the Alps in Switzerland, lies this massive contemporary home with an architecture that is truly dazzling. Designed by Ungertreina, a company that considers architecture “an obligation in the cultural, social and economic sense”, the project, called Villa Am See, has a sculptural and dynamic appearance and consists of three residential volumes, each with its own layout. The building stands on a steep slope and is divided into two areas: below the parking garage with entrance area and above the actual house. The visitor enters the house via the corridor next to the parking garage. All walls and ceilings are inclined on an angle and are decorated in concrete. The floor makes a slight ramp-like movement up to the lift.

Sophisticated lighting makes coming through the corridor an unreal experience. The house consists of three floors and is internally linked next to the lift via a staircase. On the lower floor are the bedrooms as well as the fitness and wellness area. The middle floor of the living and dining area are located with kitchen, and on the upper floor we find the office, guest room, and a screening room. The three floors have different floor plans, each floor is angled arranged and stacked like a box. A skillful differentiation creates insertions, corners and projections that give the whole building a vibrant, plastic appearance. The outdoor swimming pool level is visually extended to the gym until the atrium on the hanging wall. The garage is particularly interesting to observe, as it hosts the owner’s Porsche collection, mimicking a James Bond atmosphere.

Visit the website of Ungertreina here.

Photos: Francesca Giovanell

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