Chic and stylish seaside cottage retreat in Australia

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This beach style oceanfront cottage was beautifully transformed by interiors studio Brett Mickan, located in Pearl Beach, New South Wales, Australia. Originally constructed in the 50’s, this cottage had featured an interior design scheme of a faux beach style that was not visually pleasing for its new inhabitants. The design team gave this home a complete makeover, infusing some of its 50’s character back into the design. They also tackled the structural issues by adjoining the first and second floors internally and expanding the interior layout. The interiors reflect a color palette of soft pastels and beautiful natural hues, drawn upon from the surrounding environment. The clients requested that the interior decor be stylish yet comfortable at the same time so that family and friends would feel at home. To master this aesthetic, the designer selected vintage pieces and mixed them with more modern elements, which can be seen in the furnishings, fixtures, fabrics and artwork. The finished result is sun-drenched interiors that are comfortable and casual with an air of sophistication.

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What We Love: Contemporary yet casual this beach retreat offers mesmerizing ocean views that can soothe the soul. This would be a great place to spend the weekend, lounging and spending time at the beach, we are all in! How about you, could you picture yourself enjoying a weekend here?

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For this bedroom, the designers clad the wall with a flat battening at even intervals, creating a nice visual focal point to the room. The walls were given a fresh coat of paint to create a serene atmosphere. The wall color is called ‘Silver Dollar’ and can be sourced from the paint supply company ‘Dulux’.

Photos: Courtesy of Brett Mickan Interior Design

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