Step inside this cozy cabin retreat on Flathead Lake


This gorgeous and cozy cabin retreat on Flathead Lake is located in Polson, Montana and designed by Andersson Wise Architects. From the architects: “Locals call the granite and shale cliff overlooking Montana’s Flathead Lake “The Matterhorn”. It is a place to observe the natural world: the lake, the surrounding ponderosa pine forest, and especially the eagles and ospreys that nest nearby.

Together, the water, cliff, and trees form a classic picture of the expansive American West, and it is clear why Montana is still known as North America’s great destination. Within this context, the cabin’s diaphanous volume is set on six steel piers that are delicately anchored to concrete blocks set into the slope.

Visit the website of Andersson Wise Architects here.

From the architects, “Screened walls enclose a living area, which has an open floor plan and wood slat floors that extend outside. Amenities are sparse but not neglected: a small kitchen, bathroom, and shower allow guests an overnight stay. This cozy cabin retreat has no heating or cooling system and running water is pumped from the lake below.”

Photos: Art Gray

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