Atrium House by MESH Architectures

Atrium House is a pre-existing one-storey garage transformed into a dynamic two-storey house with a central garden in Brooklyn, New York. Designed by MESH Architectures, the 2,100 square foot home fills a 22’x100′ where the 30′ rear yard requirement by zoning laws was avoided by building the home around a central courtyard. The result is plenty of private space with a catwalk through the double height living room connecting the second floor bedroom, stair and rear roof deck.

The unobtrusive front facade leads you into the two-storey residence that is both modern and industrial. It is basic stucco, with wire mesh to help support vines that will eventually cover it. Lighting along the rustic pine board walls is from fixtures made of plumbing pipe, designed by the architect. The house is heated by radiant concrete flooring. The staircase is cantilevered from the wall which divides the two flights, starting in a compressed space and ending suspended above the double-height living room. Via

Visit the website of MESH Architectures here.

Photos: Jason Schmidt

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