Off-the-grid green house with glass facade

Situated on a steep piece of land in Stuttgart Valley, Germany, this four-storey modern glass house is completely recyclable, zero-emission and self-sufficient in terms of energy needs. Designed by German architecture firm, Werner Sobek, the structure consists of a steel frame reinforced by elements arranged in a diagonal that rests on a concrete base and is covered with triple glass panels of high quality. The electricity required is produced by a system of solar panels.

The entrance of the home is through a bridge that leads to the fourth level, where the kitchen and dining area are located. The two lower levels contain a living and sleeping area, while the ground floor houses the nursery and service equipment. Each plan is defined by a limited number of furnishings, to reiterate the concept of transparency also within the building.

All non-load bearing walls are designed according to a modular system and assembled using a simple method of junction, which allows not only to be assembled and disassembled easily but also to be completely recycled. For the same reason, there are no cables or pipes embedded in the walls but are hidden within the structures of the floor and ceiling.

The sun’s heat that radiates against the building is absorbed by water-filled panels on the ceiling and turned into heat through a process of recollection and transformation of energy. As far as privacy goes, the house can only be viewed only from a certain distance, it is protected by trees and the slope of the valley. In addition, the glass is highly reflective, and it is difficult to see inside at night, when the panoramic city view is amazing.

Photos: Roland Halbe

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13 years ago

Sorry, but that looks to much like the VW Factory in Dresden.

5 years ago
Reply to  swedanica

The factory is more interesting. There’s life there.