Stone villa hidden in the terrain of Pettenasco

This stone building is located on a ridge overlooking Lake Orta, in Pettenasco municipality, in the province of Novara, Italy. The project, designed by PRR Architetti involves the construction of a unit of approximately 1,292 square feet (120 square meters), as a holiday residence fully integrated with nature. Conforming to the landscape, the home has been constructed partially underground, between the slopes of the foothills of Piedmont, minimizing the impact of the surrounding terrain. The architect has designed a linear volume that is narrow and long, completely open from one side of the landscape, which is framed by the window’s large glass facade. The side walls against the earth and the entrance are covered with dry-stone construction, according to the traditional technique.

The roof, located at street level, is completely covered with greenery and blends in perfectly with the garden of the house. A scale runs along one side of the building and leads downstairs into the dwelling, where rooms are separated by walls and a single large room overlooks the lake. The interior walls and ceiling are concrete, while natural wood has been used for furniture and joinery. Consistent with design intentions, the interiors are also characterized by a sober style and with minimal furnishings. The natural light spills in through large windows and fills the gaps that are free from obstacles.

Photos: Matthew Motta

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