A hidden refuge in the cliffs of Santorini

The mood at Mystique Resort in Santorini, Greece is one of laid-back luxury. Only one thing should be able to distract you from the tranquility of the sea and the breath-taking vistas of the caldera cliffs, and that’s your partner. The resort offers over 21,500 square feet (2000 square meters) of luxurious landscape and eighteen suites and villas carved into the cliffs, each with a private panoramic terrace.

This contemporary resort has been designed by Richard Lefebvre of Bleu Nature, with a forward-thinking design philosophy while still paying homage to the traditional white-washed aesthetic of the area. The facade of the buildings appears as if they have been carved from a bar of soap. There is also a conscientious effort to respect the harmony between man and nature. Much of the building was made with limestone sourced from a nearby quarry, hand-carved wood and local glass from Santorini.

The minimalist white interior decor has furniture fashioned from tree limbs. Cushions have been designed from antique textiles. Enticing patterns have been carved into the walls. Slatted wooden decks that lead to the plunge pool surrounded by sun beds for the utmost relaxation. Guests may experience an outdoor infinity-edge pool, the Aura Pool Bar, the Charisma Gourmet Restaurant and the Secret 150 year-old Wine Cave, a nod to the island’s past. With its amazing view over the Aegean Sea, Santorini has been nominated as the world’s most romantic place in the world (World’s No.1 Best Island, Travel & Leisure 2006).

Mystique Resort-Santorini-02-1 Kindesign

Mystique Resort-Santorini-18-1 Kindesign

Mystique Resort-Santorini-17-1 Kindesign

Mystique Resort-Santorini-12-1 Kindesign

Mystique Resort-Santorini-13-1 Kindesign

Mystique Resort-Santorini-14-1 Kindesign

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