Stark and edgy home has intriguing design

This incredible holiday house is located in the middle of a village in the Lower Engadine in southeast Switzerland, designed by architects Gabrielle Hachler and Andreas Fuhrimann. The community of 70 inhabitants lies in a remote valley and is still relatively untouched and unspoiled. Over time the village was periodically hit by fires, meaning that the original timber structures disappeared and were replaced by stone houses. The use of concrete as the main building material pays justice to this stone appearance. Only the interior walls and ceilings of the living and bedrooms are lined in plywood panelling, adding warmth and comfort of a traditional mountain dwelling.

The house consists of three levels connected by a single flight of stairs. The entrance level contains an expansive multipurpose room echoing the “Suler” rooms in Engadine houses. The perforated wooden front door, through which daylight falls into the room, was inspired by local barn doors. The reclusive character of the room makes it an ideal space to hold exhibitions. The first floor accommodates three bedrooms, as well as bathrooms that face the back hillside. The living room and kitchen are located in the upper storey under a roof structure has been clad with timber and tin sheeting.

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