Dreamy rustic cabin in the middle of a Spanish forest


This rustic cabin in the middle of a forest in Spain took three years to renovate, maintaining the romanticism of a logger-style cabin. Lara Vallés, from Space Stage, is the owner and interior designer of this cabin. She and her husband and their blended family of four children spend time in this beautifully transformed space.

The husband had dreamed about this home since he was a little boy riding by it on his bicycle. When it came up for sale, the couple could not resist purchasing, even though it was dark and debilitated. Used as a family vacation cabin, the couple retreat here just the two of them or sometimes they visit together as a family.


Above: Lara designed this U-shaped sofa for everyone, and next to the window to take advantage of the views.


What We Love: This rustic cabin is the dream of the owner since he was a child and has been transformed into a beautiful family retreat. The homeowners have made their home inviting enough to spend time for romantic getaways, a place where they can work and a space to bring family and entertain. A chef’s kitchen and a cozy living-kitchen-office with a fireplace offers a great social area, while a private zone gives everyone their own place to rest, work and enjoy the forest views.

Readers, what do you think of this cabin, would this be your ideal place to rest and unwind? Please tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!


Above: The kitchen was designed as an open concept, adapting to the house and its shape. The idea was that the family could cook and chat while enjoying the views. It was designed so that everything is at hand.


Above: The island and the table are a single continuous piece of furniture — and the cook has a view! The pendant lights over the island are by Normann Copenhagen (Scandinavian Design Furniture).


Above: The island, the countertop in the kitchen, the upper shelves and the framing of the furniture were made with Neolith Sintered Stone.



Above: In the transition area to the rooms, they avoided the hallway and took advantage of the space as a studio. A high wall-to-wall table was created where the family can work together. Below, is storage space.


Above: The owners responsible for the project of this cabin, with their company Space Stage.


Above: Windows on the roofs and on the facades of the bedroom get opened. The homeowners fall asleep looking at the sky and wake up and see the forest.


Above: A built-in closet is located next to the bedroom, open and lined with wood like the rest of the house. The windows are sourced from Velux. A wool area rug provides comfort underfoot.


Above: The girl’s bed is tailored to the corner to fall asleep watching the stars. Sheets, blanket, plaid and circular cushion, from La Maison.


Above: The bathroom is also wrapped in wood. It has a very large window to enjoy the views, low-vaulted furniture with wide drawers and a bench to sit on. The hand-made washbasin is from Segalia.


Above: The outside of this rustic cabin features a cozy porch for enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Photos: El Mueble

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2 years ago

Is there any way I could get the plans for this cabin??

Rhonda Pauli
2 years ago

What is the type of wood and stain used in the home? Thank you.

Liz Burke
2 years ago

Beautiful home! We live in the mountains of Northern California and want roller shades just like this home. Would you share the source please.

Cathy Kuffler
3 years ago

What an idyllic spot! The scale is just right. The lightness of the wood lends a very Scandinavian sensibility to the cabin. Beautiful!

James Willard
4 years ago

Beautiful wood work!
What is the wood and wood stain color on the interior walls?