Beautiful restoration of a vintage-style palazzo

This gorgeous home is called Casa Orlandi Guesthouse, which is an 18th century palazzo in Prato, Italy. It has been renovated by the Italian architect and founder of b-arch studio Sabrina Bignami. The traditional decor in this 18th century home is mixed with different styles. The vintage Saarinen tulips chairs fit surprisingly well with the rest of the decor. The frescoes are simply stunning. They had to be restored as the old murals were covered by wall paintings. The painter of the frescoes was Luigi Catani a very famous painter during “Granducato di Toscana” in the 18th century. Sabrina Bignami about her Casa Orlandi: “I’ve bought this decaying nobleman’s house for a bit money and I try to start a sensitive restoration, playing with old and new, four years ago. The Italians are great at ancient and are also great at modern interior design but they are not so hot at usually mixing the two!”

Casa Orlandi features high ceilings and an unusual U-shaped layout, with almost all the rooms opening into a central courtyard terrace. Now the terrace is used as an outdoor dining-room with a table coming from an old textile factory and pantone chairs. The designer loves vintage furniture. Some of the classics that she purchased on her travels to Amsterdam include Saarineen lamps and chairs that have been used in the palazzo. Casa Orlandi now is Sabrina Bignami’s home, with a little guesthouse offering 3 rooms available for rent for architects, artisans or just people who have an appreciation for old homes. Via

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