A stylish contemporary cottage design

Company Summer Fun along with Kjellander + Sjoberg Architects, Sandellsandberg Architects and Tham & Videgard Hansen Architects joined forces to create a series of thoughtful and stylish sheds/cottages. The 161 square foot garden shed may not be that much for a creation, but it is when you have three of Stockholm, Sweden’s best architects at its disposal. Whether it is a Scandinavian summer house or a contemporary cottage build with Swedish building traditions that blends into the natural landscape, all house designs are of high standards of form, function and service.

All houses have open floor plans and clever details. The main buildings are real summer fun for the whole family. The smaller houses work well as a guest house, sauna or office. All houses are built by hand from sustainable and local materials. Even a standard interior is a high level, with meticulous attention to form, function and longevity. In addition, the interiors are completely adapted to your desires and your taste. The best part about these amazing homes is they are building permit-free and can be placed anywhere you wish.

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