A beautiful wooden retreat in the mountains

Methow Cabin is a modern cabin designed by Eggleston Farkas Architects. The cabin is situated in Winthrop, Washington and the owners use it as a retreat for a variety of outdoor activities such as cross country skiing and mountain biking. The building has been aligned with the valley, opening at the ends to focus on the views up and down the valley. The home has been designed so that the living spaces are shielded from the road. A slot window is positioned for seated viewing, framing skiers that are gliding by. The interior also features a downstairs bunkroom with a window framed just below the deck.

By using 8-foot vertical forms, a wood foundation was created to elevate the structure 4-feet above grade to protect the home from snowdrifts. The exterior cedar siding is continued through the living spaces to create a continuum of interior and exterior space. The shed roof creates both a protected entry porch at the low end and a sleeping loft at the high end. Accessed from the side, the entry stair remains snow-free even as snow avalanches dramatically off the end.

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