Woodside Victorian mansion in Australia

Located in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia, this incredible Victorian mansion and artist’s studio entitled ‘Woodside’ has been owned by famous artists and decorated to proudly show off their extraordinary talents. At 12,804 square feet, this historical home features enormous rooms in an incredible floorplan, marvelously embellished with half a dozen marble mantels over open fireplaces; cart-wheel sized ceiling roses and high cornices, chandeliers, bay windows, a three room cellar and alluring murals by David Bromley.

When the walls are not adorned with wonderful paintings they are tattooed with whimsical murals. Treasures include the ballroom sized living areas, the former stables now a self-contained apartment at the rear, hydronic heating, marvelously contrasting bathrooms, and beautifully landscaped gardens just across the road from St. Kilda’s Botanical Gardens. Via

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