The cabin of curiosities

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This unique vacation home called, Allandale House has been designed by William O’Brien Jr. The residence provides space for an eccentric collection of artifacts that resist straightforward classification. Wines, rare books, stuffed birds and an elk mount are among the relics on display in this small house. The house links three horizontal extrusions of leaning, […]

A beautiful wooden retreat in the mountains

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Methow Cabin is a modern cabin designed by Eggleston Farkas Architects. The cabin is situated in Winthrop, Washington and the owners use it as a retreat for a variety of outdoor activities such as cross country skiing and mountain biking. The building has been aligned with the valley, opening at the ends to focus on […]

Modern living on Hoopers Island

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This 2,200 square-foot residence is located on a Chesapeake Bay barrier island near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. Designed by David Jameson Architect, the project conceptually fuses architectonic form with the natural elements of the site. Positioned between a salt meadow marsh, a pine forest, and the bay, the architecture is conceived to […]

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