Cozy mountain cabin in Montana maximizes minimal space

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Camp run-a-muck is a cozy mountain cabin infused with a mix of rustic character and modern details designed by Pearson Design Group, located in Harlowton, Montana. Highline Partners constructed this quaint 1,750-square-foot guest escape. Its a fusion of glass, metal and timber, evoking a rustic elegance with a modern twist. A blending of historical and contemporary with spectacular views that draws the outdoors into this inviting space.

The homeowners goal was for the architects to design a space that appears like they discovered and restored an old Forest service cabin on the property. Working with this vision, the architects created a home where it appeared as if they were replacing crumbling stone walls with steel framed glass. Creating a visual sense of spaciousness, a simple palette of rustic and modern materials was used throughout.

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Montana moss stone walls creates a rugged aesthetic thats in keeping with a traditional mountain retreat. Adding a hint of industrial to the cabin is the concrete flooring and steel fireplace doors in the living room.

Another beautiful material integrated into the design is reclaimed oak. You can see it showcased in the ceilings, custom cabinets in the kitchen and in the main hallway—doors and horizontal wall paneling.

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What We Love: This cozy mountain cabin invites nature inside by integrating natural materials throughout. The use of expansive windows helps to keep this small home feeling light and airy. Notice the moose head sculpture mounted on the stone wall behind the dining table? It was constructed out of scrap-steel! The wood dining chairs are pretty note-worthy too! … what do you find unique about this home?

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Above: Suspended above the dining table is a whimsical-shaped cloud chandelier—Cumulus Chandelier (source).

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Above: Illuminating the reclaimed oak island in the kitchen are stunning glass pendant clamp lights sourced from Lindsey Adelman.

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Above: Beautiful steel doors frames the wood burning fireplace in the living room. The stone is Montana moss rock laid out in a tight dry-stack installation.

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Above: The master bedroom features a chandelier comprised of coarse fibers, adding an interesting textural aesthetic to the space.

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Above: Fallen lodgepole pines gathered from around the property have been repurposed on the ceiling of this guest bathroom. They are set in random lengths, creating the effect of a log cloud. Eight recessed LED lights are integrated amongst the wood. Adding to the rustic modern feel is the porcelain floor tiles with a wood-grain aesthetic, reclaimed oak cabinets and a steel countertop.

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Photos: Gibeon Photography

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2 years ago

What type of windows did you use? I have a barn that needs a wall of windows like yours. I’m sure it was expensive and I have a small budget but I’d love to replicate it!

7 years ago

can you tell me the size of this structure. I’m having trouble with the scale.

7 years ago
Reply to  bbwyo

It’s 1,750 square feet!

7 years ago
Reply to  1kindesign

so roughly 30×60? Very well done. Has weight/feel of much larger space.

past tense
7 years ago

for what it is, this is a really nicely done project. i agree that it does look like a cozy getaway retreat. what i most like is that the design team settled on an overall theme and all the elements in the design hang together in a sort of modern-rustic theme. my first impression of the glazing design was to be somewhat critical of the use of divided lites because large format lites would have created a greater sense of an “indoor-outdoor” connection. but large format lites *would* give a modern appearance. by contrast, the use of divided lites fits… Read more »