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Historic railway shed in Argentina gets converted into a family home

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A railway shed gets transformed into a family home chalk full of design inspiration by architecture and decoration studio Pragmata, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The stunning country home was designed to resemble a recycled barn, paying homage to traditional architecture with plenty of unique design features. A second home for the client’s, this was a […]

Luminous modern concrete pad in Argentina

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 This incredible modern concrete home is an expansion project carried out by design studio Bak Architects, located in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The original home lacked quality and a sense of place because of the modifications that had been done prior to the renovation. The architects took on the challenge, wanting to improve the current situation […]

Modern family home blurs the lines between indoor and out

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Casa Pedro is a modern family home that blurs the boundaries between indoors and out, designed by VDV ARQ, located in a gated community in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The medium scale residence is nestled on an 800 square meters plot, responding to the requirements of an active social life, flexible spaces and visual amplitude, emphasizing […]

Casa Carrara in Buenos Aires displays minimalist design

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Casa Carrara is a minimalist design by architecture firm Andres Remy Arquitectos situated on an irregular lot in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 7,104 square foot (660 square meters) house sits at the back of the lot and is parallel to one of the streets to open the best orientation and capture the best views.  […]

Modern concrete bunker house in Buenos Aires

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The Bunker House has been built by Botteri-Connell Architects in a suburban neighborhood of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The concept of the home was for someone who will live there permanently and whose children, friends and couple will visit them from time to time. From meetings with the client, many concepts arise that seek architectonical […]

Sensational modern property in Buenos Aires: Agua House

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Agua House is an incredible modern property designed by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas for a couple without kids, situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The home is nestled on a 21,530 square foot (2,000 square meters) site facing the Northeast, looking at the Canal Arias river, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It is comprised of 4,840 […]

Picturesque home in a serene setting in Buenos Aires

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This beautiful home, spotted on Nuevo Esitlo, is situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed as a house for family life for owners Paula Cahen d’Anver and Federico Álvarez Castillo. Both designers and owners of the high-end fashion company Etiqueta Negra (Black Label) in Argentina. A few kilometers from Buenos Aires, construction of the 1970s home, […]

Concrete dwelling with modern-elegant design

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L House is  is a concrete dwelling located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed in 2011 by well-known Chilean architect Mathias Klotz and associate architect Edgar Minond. The single family residence exudes a classic, modernist elegance that will stay timeless for years to come. From the architects: “Although this could be categorized as yet another grouping of […]

Sleek concrete dwelling in the woods

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Today we present to you this spectacular concrete house in Mar Azul, a seaside town approximately four hours south of Buenos Aires, Argentina characterized by a large dune beach and leafy coniferous forest. Designed by Bak Architects, the clients chose a field in the forest with a challenging topography, away from the sea and from […]

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