Sleek concrete dwelling in the woods

Today we present to you this spectacular concrete house in Mar Azul, a seaside town approximately four hours south of Buenos Aires, Argentina characterized by a large dune beach and leafy coniferous forest. Designed by Bak Architects, the clients chose a field in the forest with a challenging topography, away from the sea and from the most lived zone, to construct a cottage without losing the important presence of the landscape. The 968 square foot (90 square meters) home does not have a main entrance; its flexible construction allows one to enter by anyone of the rooms. Natural light floods the spaces, blackout curtains have been incorporated for privacy and when light is not needed. Furnishings were specially designed for the home, made from recovering Canadian pines wood from packing motor boxes.

The custom built concrete furniture defines the spaces, which can be separated by a curtain wall facade through two permanent windows that can be removed or replaced by doors. With this resource the rooms can be enlarged, visually extending in any one location of the house. The plan of the house (6.90m x 14m) is a reinforced concrete slab that rests in the partition walls of the main facade. The inner partition walls are of composed of hollow bricks and painted with white latex. The heating system, since natural gas in the area does not exist, was solved with a wood burning stove that acclimatizes the main living area, the first bedroom and the corridor. The main bedroom and the baths are heated with electrical plates. Via

Visit the website of Bak Architects here.

Photos: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla and Daniela Mac Adden

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batir mal
9 years ago

A bunker. How original. UGLY! and lazy.

partition wall
12 years ago

Hi, simply great post.