Concrete dwelling with modern-elegant design

L House is  is a concrete dwelling located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed in 2011 by well-known Chilean architect Mathias Klotz and associate architect Edgar Minond. The single family residence exudes a classic, modernist elegance that will stay timeless for years to come. From the architects: “Although this could be categorized as yet another grouping of concrete boxes representing the tiresome trend that just does not seem to want to die, this residence avoids all of the pitfalls most of such houses fall into. In contrast to the stacked-concrete-boxes syndrome, not one section of this residence sticks out over anything, nor jut in an odd angle. No vanity ideas, no statement characteristics, no ego trip.”

Visit the website of architect Mathias Klotz here.

The house looks unpretentious and serene. All of its parts belong together and, loveliest of all, the structure appears to have sat on the site for some time. Simply put, it belongs. It all works. European modernist sensitivities are apparent both inside and out. The use of wood, glass, steel, concrete and travertine limestone creates a coherent composition of materials and allows light and shadow to complete the decorative touches. Without being too severe or controlled, this residence is composed of order. Some angles offer a Japanese or Scandinavian vista, as the indoor and outdoor spaces interact harmoniously. This kind of simplicity is difficult to achieve and therefore it is so rare.


L House-12-1 Kind Design

L House-13-1 Kind Design

L House-14-1 Kind Design

Photos: Roland Halbe

L House-15-1 Kind Design

L House-16-1 Kind Design

L House-17-1 Kind Design

L House-18-1 Kind Design

L House-19-1 Kind Design

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