Sculptural house in Madrid by A-cero

This truly spectacular house in Pozuelo, Madrid has been designed by A-cero Architects. The dwelling is enveloped by a travertine marble shell, standing out for its geometric purity, material sophistication and compositional elegance. The home is divided into two axes; the first is organized into a series of intersecting volumes which gives rise to the different interior and exterior spaces. The second axis, which is materialized in by a long structural beam, determines the relationship between the building and the spaces that surround the home. The immaculate design conception is further enhanced by the clean lines of the finishes.

The open and spacious interiors have no doors; they have been replaced by panels. The voluminous home is split onto two levels; the basement houses a uniquely designed garage, gym, a cellar, music room and indoor swimming pool. The ground floor is centered around a large cylinder structure formed of marble, which helps to organize what is developed around it, the living rooms, dining rooms and service zone joined via a staircase with an incredible red backdrop from which hangs a work of art in grand display and with the upper floor housing the bedrooms, the bathrooms finished in ash wood and the library, arranged as a great box of books, around a glass walkway overlooking the main drawing room.

From the architects: “Our aim is to deepen the connection between culture and life in a modern style, and consciously build a bridge between art and object. Our working method is directly connected to the purest tradition of minimalism, concerned not only with the nature of art but also with finding a place for art in society. Holes and empty spaces are dealt with in a neat and powerful way, using glass to close those openings. The set of bookshelves features a laminated glass structure, for a total dominance of the living room’s space. All furnishings emphasize the intrinsic characteristics of the space they are integrated into.”

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Photos: Courtesy of A-cero Architects

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