22 Trendy And Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas For A Stylish Holiday

creative christmas gift wrapping ideas for a stylish holiday

Make your holiday gift-giving extra special by elevating your presents with some festive Christmas gift wrapping. Whether you need a little inspiration or are feeling a bit overwhelmed when wrapping isn’t your favorite, these ideas are here to make your gifts not only look amazing under the tree but also add a personal touch to your holiday festivities.

Try wrapping your gifts in festive holiday hues and tie them with ribbons. The ribbons that you use should be colorful so that they will be attractive to those receiving your gift. You can create your own Christmas gift wrapping ideas by using beautiful handmade paper which can be bought from the local craft shop.

DIY your Christmas gift wrap so that you can decorate and personalize it for your recipients. These gift wrappers can then be used to gift items to people close to you such as friends and family. The wrapping itself will attract people as they will see that the gift is beautifully decorated and wrapped.

From picking out beautiful wrapping paper to trying your hand at intricate bow designs, these ideas will help to make your gifts stand out. By giving these unique Christmas gift-wrapping techniques a shot, you’ll not only impress your loved ones but also create some wonderful memories. Continue below to get some amazing ideas with the sources and further details below each of the images.

Gift Wrapping Tips: Mix and match different patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and geometric designs. Incorporate natural elements like dried leaves, cinnamon sticks, or small branches to bring in the outdoors. Enhance your presents with the beauty of Christmas florals such as poinsettias, or holly. Get crafty with handmade elements, such as DIY bows, hand-stamped wrapping paper, or personalized gift tags.

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1. Kraft Paper Gifts.

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Wrap your Christmas gifts with brown kraft paper for a simple, natural look. Add ribbon or yarn and add berries, pinecones, or candy canes for some festive pops of color. (via @alwayshappycuracha)

2. It’s All In The Details.

christmas gifts with fir branches, berries and ribbon

Wrap your gifts with visually stunning details that are stylish and fun. Add natural elements such as fir branches, pinecones, and berries. Use raffia, twine, or ribbon for the finishing touches. (via Pinterest)

3. Jingle Bells.

christmas gifts with silver bells, pine branches, ribbon and candy canes

Make your gift wrapping as memorable as the gifts themselves with colorful ribbons, candy canes, pine branches, snowflakes, and silver bells. TIP: Instead of wrapping paper, use a simple kraft gift box and dress it up with holiday-inspired decorations such as ornaments that can be tied onto the gift with ribbon.

4. “Krafty” Gift Wrapping.

christmas gift wrapping with Kraft paper, ribbons and pine branches

Using inexpensive brown kraft paper, add elements you find around your house to decorate the wrapped gifts. This can be spices (cinnamon sticks), herbs (thyme and rosemary), candies (candy canes), pine branches, dried flowers, pinecones, and colorful ribbons. (via Half Baked Harvest)

5. Foraging For Natural Decor.

christmas present with Kraft paper, pine branches and berries

Foraged finds can make your holiday gifts look natural and beautiful. The ribbon was sourced from Shop Terrain. The brown kraft wrapping paper adds to the natural aesthetic, (via Half Baked Harvest)

6. Neutral Color Palette.

creative christmas gift wrapping

These wrapped gifts have a neutral color scheme, with gift wrap sourced from Target. Be sure to add embellishments to your gifts for a personal touch this holiday season. (via @ourdevinehome)

7. Pale Green Gift Wrap.

pale green christmas gift wrap with ribbons and dried oranges

The pale green gift wrap is butcher paper, which can be found in an assortment of colors. Add soft ribbon or twine for the finishing touch. The dried oranges add a natural element to these beautifully wrapped gifts. (via @frenchcountrycottage)

8. Natural Elements.

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

christmas gift wrapping with natural elements

Wrap gifts using natural elements such as twine, dried oranges, pinecones, berries, cinnamon sticks, and sprigs of evergreen for a charming, rustic vibe. (via @toni_marianna)

9. Hygge Holiday Gifts.

Christmas presents

Wrap your presents in the warmth of pattern and texture, adding a touch of hygge to your holiday gift-giving. This Instagrammer spent the whole year collecting ribbons, paper, wallpaper scraps, and other things she thought she might need for her DIY Christmas gift wrapping.

10. Festive Red Ribbon.

christmas gifts wrapped with brown Kraft paper and red ribbons

Find some beautiful ribbons to make your gifts stand out. Using brown kraft paper will provide a neutral backdrop for decorative items that are added to the gift. Decorative cookies can be used as name tags while also providing a thoughtful treat to those receiving your gift. TIP: If you don’t have name tags, you can cut a piece of scrap wrapping paper into a square and fold it in half. Poke a hole in the corner and feed the ribbon or twine through the hole to secure it to the gift. (via Half Baked Harvest)

11. Wow With Ribbons.

christmas gift wrap with Kraft paper and ribbons

Use simple brown kraft paper to wrap your gifts and dress them up with beautiful ribbons. Add charming gift tags and pops of color with faux berries. (via @toni_marianna)

12. Fresh Holiday Greens.

christmas presents with fresh greenery

christmas presents with fresh greenery

christmas presents with fresh greenery

Forage your yard (or Trader Joe’s:) and add fresh greenery to your holiday presents this season. This will be the perfect finishing touch to your gifts. (via @gardenstudiodesign)

13. Christmas Wishes.

brown kraft paper christmas gifts with salt dough star decorations

These gift-wrapped presents come with inspiring tags. The star decorations affixed with twine to the packages are made with salt dough. Each gift tag has a purpose. This Instagrammer has a minimal present buying guideline that follows the rule of four: something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read (all labeled on the gift tags) with candy canes, dried orange slices, and a sprig of greenery. (via @hannah_with_three)

14. Twine With Evergreen.

christmas gifts with twine with evergreen

Add creative details to your gift wrapping this holiday with sprigs of fresh greenery, whether it be pine branches or herbs such as rosemary or thyme. Add some faux berries, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks for a natural aesthetic. Secure with colored twine for a festive touch. (via @wmdesignhouse)

15. Nordic-Inspired Gift Wrap.

nordic-inspired christmas gift wrap

nordic-inspired christmas gift wrap

nordic-inspired christmas gift wrap

Gift wrapping is the same as with the interior design or the style of clothing. You don’t do it for others but for yourself to feel good and kind. A wrapped gift speaks for you. (via @marzena.marideko)

16. Merry And Bright.

festive gift wrapping

festive gift wrapping

festive gift wrap with plaid and homemade ornaments

Get creative and festive with your presents with beautiful gift wrap — mix patterns and textures such as plaid on plaid, kraft paper, and white & black paper. Affix colorful ribbons and homemade gifts or ornaments. For the cranberry wreaths, string fresh cranberries and transform the wire into a circular shape. Glue fresh sprigs of evergreen to complete the look. You can also add Christmas-inspired cookie cutters to your ribbon, and small bottle brush trees. (via A Pretty Life In The Suburbs)

17. Deck Out Gifts In Tartan.

flocked christmas tree with presents

festive gift wrapped presents under the tree

christmas present with red and black wrapping and pine tree clippings

 For a cozy and festive holiday look, use plaid wrapping paper for your holiday gifts. Use the scrap paper to make a bow, and add some twine and some fresh rosemary, pine sprigs, or bright berries for a natural touch. (via Craftberry Bush)

18. Embellish Packages With Greenery.

brown Kraft paper christmas gifts with candy canes, pine sprigs, twine and stamps

brown Kraft paper christmas gifts with candy canes, pine sprigs, twine and stamps

To create this simple yet beautiful DIY gift-wrapping idea, all you need is brown kraft paper, old rectangular cardboard boxes, gift boxes, cotton baker’s twine, stamps with Christmas sayings, pine sprigs, Candy canes, scissors, and tape. (via Ruhr Wohl)

19. Vintage Vibes.

vintage-inspired gift tags for christmas presents

Transport your gifts back in time with vintage-inspired wrapping paper, complemented by lace ribbons and antique-style tags. (via Inspired By Charm)

20. Tie Ornaments On Gifts.

festive gift wrapping with ornaments and ribbon

Instead of gifting ornaments to your loved ones into stockings, add them to your gift wrapping. Tie them on with ribbon for a pop of color and visual interest. (via @emiliedurant)

21. Make It Festive With Bows.

Kraft wrapping paper with holly and a red ribbon

When wrapping your presents, get crafty with handmade elements, such as DIY bows, hand-stamped wrapping paper, or personalized gift tags. (via LaRibbons And Crafts Inc)

22. Chic Black and White.

black and white gift wrapped christmas present with a red bow

Achieve a timeless and elegant look with black and white wrapping paper, adorned with satin ribbons or velvet bows. Add handmade, vintage-inspired gift tags for the finishing and personalized touch. (via Inspired By Charm)

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