27 Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For Some Holiday Cheer

flocked Christmas tree decorating ideas

Bring the winter wonderland vibes into your home with a flocked Christmas tree. The snowy, frosted appearance of these trees will add a magical touch to your holiday decor. Whether your style leans toward the traditional, rustic, or whimsical, let your creativity shine as you adorn your flocked centerpiece and usher in the holiday season with joy and cheer.

When decorating your space with a flocked tree, be sure to coordinate with flocked wreaths and garlands. Have a look below at some enchanting decorating ideas that will elevate your living spaces and turn your home into a sparkling haven. Below each of the images, we have some resources to help get you started.

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1. A Merry Country Christmas.

country Christmas flocked tree

country Christmas flocked tree in a wooden bucket

This cozy winter scene is a compilation of trees in various sizes. The large flocked tree in a wooden bucket is beautifully decorated with white and gold ornaments, pinecones, and dried fruit slices. Add some artificial fluff snow into the bucket to finish off this winter-inspired look. (via @rachel_thepondsfarmhouse)

2. Classic Elegance With White And Gold.

flocked Christmas tree with classic elegance and white and gold decorations

Create a timeless look by adorning your flocked tree with white and gold ornaments. The combination exudes sophistication and adds a touch of glamour to your holiday display. The flocked Christmas tree is from @whitestores. (via @girl_with_panda_tattoo)

3. Glamorous Sparkle With Silver And Crystal.

glamorous sparkle with silver and crystal decorations on a flocked Christmas tree

For a touch of glamour, adorn your flocked tree with silver and crystal ornaments. The sparkle and shine will reflect the festive lights beautifully. The tree is a Norwegian Snow Pine pre-lit tree. (via @mychristmas)

4. Rustic Charm With Burlap And Pinecones.

Embrace the rustic charm by incorporating burlap ribbons, pinecones, and wooden ornaments. This natural and earthy theme brings a cozy, outdoor feel to your indoor festivities. The flocked tree is from @kingofchristmas, while the ribbon and burlap poinsettias are from @decoratorswarehouse. The ornaments and oversized pinecones are from @hobbylobby and the cozy faux fur blanket used as a tree skirt is from @redfoxprimitives. The canvas sign behind the tree is by @olivebranchfarmhouse. (via @downshilohroad)

5. Use Metallic Christmas Ornaments.

metallic Christmas ornaments on a flocked tree

Create a glamorous and dazzling tree by wrapping it with ornament garland for some holiday sparkle. Layer in some ribbon and finish the look with a star topper. The Christmas tree is The Prince Flock from @kingofchristmas. (via @farmhousetohomediy)

6. Flocked And Fabulous.

simple and elegant flocked Christmas tree

This simple yet elegant tree is called “The King Flock” — a mix of realistic and classic material, sourced from @kingofchristmas. All of the decorations on the tree were sourced from @hobbylobby. (via @i_izlizz)

7. Santa Christmas Tree.

Santa Claus theme flocked Christmas tree

Santa Claus theme flocked Christmas tree

This Santa Claus theme tree features cheery bright reds and whites with a touch of whimsy. The decorations on the tree were all sourced from @decoratorswarehouse. The Santa Claus pillow is from @tjmaxx. The flocked tree is from @kingofchristmas. (via @homebyheidi)

8. A Flocked Christmas Tree With Neutral Elegance.

flocked Christmas tree with neutral elegance

flocked Christmas tree with neutral elegance

Opt for an elegant and simple look by using metallic ornaments. This clean and sophisticated theme is perfect for a modern holiday display. The 7.5’ King Flock tree is from @kingofchristmas. TIP: Hang glass ornaments for added holiday sparkle or select bold colors to create a dramatic effect. (via @eleanor_decor)

9. The Magic Of Christmas.

flocked Christmas tree with wooden skis and red ribbon

flocked Christmas tree with wooden skis and red ribbon

This cozy family room is decked out for the holidays. The flocked Christmas tree decor includes ribbon from @hobbylobby, a Tree Crate from @humphriesgarage, and a DIY wooden star topper. The Wood Word Ornaments are from @302woodworks. Wooden skis add a charming rustic touch. (via @angelascozyhome)

10. Red And Gold Color Scheme.

flocked Christmas tree with a red and gold color scheme

The boldness of the red is perfect for the mood. The 9’ Queen Flock Slim from @kingofchristmas adds a beautiful addition to this holiday decor. It’s full and lush and easy to decorate. A color palette of red and gold adds a very elegant look. (via @deeplysouthernhome)

11. Decked Out In Neutrals.

neutral flocked Christmas tree decorations

Transform your flocked tree into an elegant scene with whites, silvers, and golds. Layer in some white and green ribbons. This very warm and vibrant 9’ Queen Flock Slim from @kingofchristmas. TIP: Add the ribbons to your tree first, especially if you need to anchor them deep into the branches. Begin near the top of your tree with the first piece. If you don’t have a pre-lit tree, be sure to string your lights first, before adding your ribbons. Ornaments should go last so you don’t accidentally bump and break them as you are decorating. (via @brooke_startathome)

12. Plaid and Glitter Christmas Tree.

plaid and glitter Christmas tree in the dining room

plaid and glitter Christmas tree in the dining room

Adorning the dining room is this magical tree with a gorgeous blend of metallics, glitter, and plaid. The plaid adds an eye-catching pop of color to this flocked tree that is chic and totally unique. (via @somuchbetterwithage1)

13. Siver Bells Christmas Tree.

elegant black and white theme Christmas tree with large silver bell ornaments

Bring some peace and joy into your holiday decorating scheme with this black and white-themed tree with elegant touches of silver. The beautiful ornaments on the tree and the snowflake pillow on the chair are all from @krumpetshomedecor. The snowflake wood sign is from @adamsandcompany. The black and white trees on the dresser are from @devanie.at.home. (via @amywilsondesigns)

14. Elegant White And Gold Christmas Tree.

elegant white and gold Christmas tree

Adorn your Christmas tree with elegant decorations in gold tree, white, cream, and other metallic neutrals that will make any room in the house shine. The beautiful tree Frosted Frasier fir tree and the Christmas ornaments are from @balsamhill. The sleigh on the table is from Target. (via @bridgewaydesigns)

15. Wooden Ski Themed Tree.

flocked Christmas tree with lights and wooden skis

Everything about this tree is magical, from the warm glow of the lights to the black and white striped and plaid ribbon, the “Joy” ornaments, and the wooden skis. The 7.5-foot Slim Flocked Tree is from @kingofchristmas, with black and white ribbons from @hobbylobby.  The Snowy Barn Pillow was sourced from @designsbyashleyknie, and the wooden star topper is a DIY. The hanging woven basket is a beautiful accent to the window shutter on the wall. (via @angelascozyhome)

16. French Vintage Decor.

French vintage decor on the Christmas tree

What could look more elegant than a tree decked out with French vintage decor? Underneath the tree are French market baskets filled with gift-wrapped presents using kraft paper and ornaments. A beautiful Trumeau mirror accents the wall and reflects the gorgeous lights from the tree. (via @somuchbetterwithage1)

17. Elegant And Chic.

Christmas tree with mercury glass ornaments, glittered berries, and metallic ornaments

Elevate your tree this Christmas with mercury glass ornaments, glittered berries, and metallic ornaments. This gorgeous Christmas tree is a 9’ Queen Flock with Lights from @kingofchristmas. The pops of red from the berries add the perfect touch to this tree. Notice the soft texture under the tree using a throw blanket? (via @greeneacresfarmhouse)

18. Magical Winter Wonderland.

 winter wonderland theme Christmas tree

Create a winter wonderland scene in your living room with a frosted tree and ornaments — a mix of black, bronze, brass, silver, and cream ornaments along with a little brown velvet ribbon. Adding to this delightful Christmas scene are lovely decorations atop the entertainment center. The garland is from @wayfair, while the golden bells are from @tjmaxx, and the stockings are from @marshalls. The flocked queen Christmas tree is from @kingofchristmas. (via @jensgatheringnest)

19. Vintage Christmas Tree.

vintage inspired Christmas tree with shades of pink

This bedazzled frosted tree features pretty shades of vintage pink. The vintage-inspired ornaments are just fabulous! The Christmas tree is the Frosted Fraser Fir from @balsamhill. (via @frenchcountrycottage)

20. A Whimsical Wonderland.

a trio of flocked Christmas trees with a vintage feel

Create a magical Christmas wonderland in your living space with this snowy Christmas tree display. These beautifully decorated trees have a lovely vintage feel. The big flocked tree is from @kingofchristmas, while the smaller Flocked Trees are from @walmart, the garland and Santa are from @hobbylobby, and the old truck is from @samsclub. The Christmas tree box under that bigger tree is from @humphriesgarage. The wooden star topper is a DIY.TIP: To get the smaller trees to stand up in the baskets, fill the bottom of the baskets with a throw blanket, package filler, artificial snow, or even bundled-up newsprint. (via @angelascozyhome)

21. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas.

Christmas tree with red and white ornaments and a festive sign

This festive Christmas display features a flocked tree from @kingofchristmas adorned with all-white ribbon, mango wood ornaments from @krumpetshomedecor, and some bells on top from @decoratorswarehouse. The “Holly Jolly” sign on the fireplace mantel is from @ohsweetskye. (via @brooke_startathome)

22. French Country Cottage Glam.

frosted Christmas tree with glowing lights

A glowing tree through the crystal baubles on the chandelier. The Frosted Fraser Fir is from @balsamhill. Fun Fact: Even though it’s glowing gold – this tree is actually a frosted tree glistening by fireplace light. (via @frenchcountrycottage)

23. Dreaming Of A White Christmas Tree.

flocked Christmas tree with white ornaments

Sometimes less is more when it comes to tree decorating. This gorgeous 7.5 King Flock Slim tree from @kingofchristmas provides a beautiful counterpoint to the black fireplace, painted in Behr Paint. On the mantel, the garland is from @floral, while the small trees are from @indigo. The awesome light fixture is from @luluandgeorgia. Grounding this space is an area rug from @loloirugs. TIP: When decorating your flocked tree, you can use fewer ornaments – and still have a stunning tree. (via @jessicasaramorris)

24. Colorful Christmas Tree.

flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments in the living room

This stunning decor features the King Noble Flock from @kingofchristmas. Bright and colorful ornaments really pop on the snowy branches. The blanket wrapping the base of the tree is from @chanasya_home. The small trees are from Target. The large mirror is from @hobbylobby. (via @corbelcottage)

25. Stay Cozy.

elegant Christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments

If you are looking for an elegant Christmas tree, then look no further. This gorgeous gold tree with white, cream, and other metallic neutrals will be the star attraction in any room of your home. Reflect the magic of your holiday decor with a large framed mirror leaned up against a wall. The silver framed mirror is from @potterybarn. (via @sbkliving)

26. Merry And Bright.

black and white themed Christmas tree

This beautiful black and white tree is the picture of opulence. The tree is the Prince Flock from @kingofchristmas. The gorgeous gift wrapping was sourced from @farmer_co. The “Merry Christmas sign is from @ohsweetskye. On the mantel, the garland is from @hobbylobby, while the name tags on the stockings are from @painterplacehomeco. (via @thecozyfarmhouse)

27. Coastal Christmas with Seashell Ornaments

flocked white coastal Christmas tree

If you’re dreaming of a coastal Christmas, decorate your flocked tree with a mix of seashells and blue coastal chic ornaments. This unique theme brings beachy vibes to your holiday celebration. (via @sandandsisal)

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