Step into a cozy cabin decorated for Christmas in the Pyrenees Mountains


Interior stylist Olga Gil-Vernet has decorated this cozy rustic cabin in the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains where Christmas is simple yet very stylish. This home was renovated by Angie Escur Pujol, from Barn Design Studio, and is decorated for the holidays with Christmas decorations from Ikea.

The entrance of this dream cabin features decorations that are inspired by nature. A wreath from Ikea adorns the door, greeting visitors and welcoming you inside. On the interior of this cozy Christmas-decorated cabin, you will find Ikea hacks with festive yet minimal decoration.


What We Love: This cozy cabin in the Pyrenees Mountains features beautifully decorated spaces for Christmas. The interior stylist did a wonderful job of adding subtle decorations throughout to bring the spirit of Christmas into this home. A warm and inviting feel is reflected throughout the interiors, decorated with budget-friendly pieces that elevate this home. Overall, we are loving the simple color scheme and special touches. 

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This holiday home features subtle decorations throughout, where the designer uses details that remind us of the festive season.


Above: A beautiful wreath from Ikea decorates the front door of this cozy rustic cabin.


Above: Aside from decorating this home with a wreath on the door, the designer has added one to the mirror in the living room. A garland decorates the staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms. The beautiful decorations in this space look like a fairy tale.


Above: The designer selected just two colors for the palette of the Christmas decorations — red and white. The idea was to ‘customize’ IKEA elements.


Above: For gift wrapping presents, one does not have to spend a lot to make a gift memorable. This present features Ikea wrapping paper with a bow of wool as the finishing touch.


Above:  A basket is filled with gifts and ceramic candle holders with Led candles. A memorable way to distribute gifts on Christmas day.


Above: On the dining table, the white houses from Ikea give a special Christmas touch. The tree, gifts, wreath on the window, tableware, and napkin rings are all from IKEA.


Above: A path of pine branches and a small white house with candle holders makes for a beautiful centerpiece. The tableware and decorations from IKEA.


Above: Wood is used in various decorations throughout this home: on the trays, wood chargers on the dining room table, and on the stars that adorn the kitchen.


Above: In this magical cabin, the kitchen is connected to the dining room, which has a rustic wooden table. To enhance the mountain aesthetic, the stylist has placed IKEA Ludde sheepskins on the chair backs.


Above: The Christmas color palette continues in the kitchen, with subtle touches of red and gold mixed with wood. There are also pops of white and green, to continue with the rustic aesthetic.


Above: Simple Christmas touches are used to decorate the staircase, which features pine garlands and Ikea lanterns.


Above: Thi bedroom has a very Ikea Nordic style. The duvet cover has a ‘Snow Queen’ look. It’s the IKEA Alvine Kvist model. Christmas decorations include stars and snowflakes. This space is grounded with a rug from IKEA.


Above: This barn-style bedroom has a wooden headboard that’s perfect for this style idea: an arrangement of candles, ornaments, and a garland brings Christmas to the room.


Above: The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom that has also been given a Christmas touch with Christmas wreaths and candles, maintaining the minimalist Christmas spirit that decorates the entire cabin.


Above: Gifts are wrapped with Ikea pillowcases, tied with laces, and some decorations. This idea is simple and can be repurposed year after year.


Above: In the children’s bedroom, a bunk bed with three beds takes advantage of every inch of the room. To continue with the minimal spirit, some discreet luminous garlands have been placed, which look great with the structure of the bed and the coverings.


Above: The foyer of this rustic cabin in the mountains is a statement of what the interior will be like. Paneled with white wood, like the rest of the cabin, this space is bright and welcoming. A coat rack and a vintage wooden sleigh are the only pieces that decorate this space.

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Stacey Purcell
1 year ago

I love this! Small, cozy, and makes me want a lovely cup of tea to enjoy while sitting by the window.