A beautiful rustic cabin celebrates Christmas in the Pyrenees Mountains


This mountain cabin was decorated for Christmas by interior designer Marta Tobella, of Sacum Projects Studio, located in La Cerdaña, a valley in the Pyrenees Mountains, Spain. Inside you will find several distinct features: a discreet color palette, a predominance of natural finishes, and a limited range of materials. In this case, wood is the star.

The designer opted for a subtle, natural, and very warm festive decoration. The house is a new construction that respects the tradition of the area, with a gabled roof and lots of wood. From the beams in the living room to the coquettish kitchen through the many pieces of furniture that the desinger designed to measure for the project, the woods remind us that we are in the mountains.


What We Love: This charming mountain cabin features warm and inviting Christmas decorations throughout its living spaces. The decoration of the tree in gold is magical, especially being able to view it from the back porch through the expansive floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Overall, we think this would be a lovely home for celebrating Christmas with loved ones, from the festive decorations to the beautiful location.

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The flooring throughout is oak. The walls and cabinets are of a stone tone, while the woods are pine or oak and even the carpets have their continuity throughout the house.


For the Christmas decoration, the designer selected golden details, along with lots of green and strategic lights in the form of garlands and candles. The overall effect is serene yet festive.


The same decorations are repeated throughout the house, only its arrangement, format, and size change. For example, on the porch, the lanterns and candles are large and inside, smaller. There are lanterns, candles, candle holders, and natural fiber trays throughout the house. There are two trees decorating this home, one on the porch, a snowy white tree, and in the living room, an 8-foot green, tall and leafy one. 


Gold handmade wreaths can be found at the entrance, the backs of the chairs in the dining room, and even in the tree.


Above: The Christmas table features some special details, including inherited tureens, some candles, and beautiful glasses. Other details include a raw linen tablecloth, some napkins with mustard trim, some natural fiber underplates, and special dishes. The designer also used antique crockery, with glass bells on each plate that are very decorative. The centerpiece features golden balls and leaves, combined with twigs and candles of different sizes.


Above: In the bedroom, the pine wood finish used for the ceilings, beams, and carpentry was also used for the headboard. Garlands and several candles remind us that it is Christmas.

Photos: El Mueble

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