Gorgeous Spanish style home surrounded by woodland sanctuary in Texas


This Spanish style home was designed by Ryan Street & Associates in collaboration with builder Michael Deane Homes, located in Rollingwood, a city in Travis County, Texas. The home feels like a secluded sanctuary, nestled on a heavily wooded site. Designed for a family of four, this is the architects personal home which he designed to blend into the wooded hillside. The residence was split into levels so that the trees on the property could be protected and to get a footprint that doesn’t require flattening the site.

The goal for this project was to live in a quite and peaceful setting, so the architect conceived the plan as a forest that happened to have a building in it. He was inspired by rural California style, which is characterized by spacious design and a distinct Spanish feel. With a blank slate in front of them, the architect and his family knew they wanted to infuse California style into their new home. Additional factors that influenced the design of the home is the way the sun moves across the site, the trees and the topography. There was also a strong desire to connect interior and exterior living spaces.


Comfortably perched on a hillside, this 4,000 square foot home offers four bedrooms and a wonderful open plan layout. The main concept was to create a sanctuary, a protected space that is inviting and comfortable for family living. Smooth, white stucco walls are a nod to Spanish style, highlighted by rustic wood elements: a pergola and wood beams on the outside eaves.

Xeriscape landscaping, large windows and arches and an outdoor fireplace with a sitting area gives the home a clean, modern aesthetic. Thick walls give the home a rooted feel, which is softened by a matte white hue. The architect and his wife have an office in their home, which flows efficiently into the family room and kitchen. This also helps for them connected to their two kids. The master bedroom is on the main level, while the rest of the bedrooms have been located upstairs.


What We Love: This stunning Spanish style home offers a resort-like quality, where living spaces feel very comfortable and every need has been met. There is plenty of warmth thanks to the use of wood on the flooring and ceilings. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light, while the connection to the outdoors is considerable. The beautiful surroundings adds to the overall vacation-like feel of this home, it is truly a sanctuary for family living… Readers, please tell us in the Comments what you think of the overall design of this home!

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Above: The flooring changes from limestone — used on the exterior — to wood on the interior.


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Above: Large glass doors and windows gives the homeowners the connection to the outside that they desired. The warmth of the wood and crisp white walls blends with the industrial steel frames on the windows and doors throughout the interiors.


Above: Since the floor plan has a very open layout, the architect decided to make a clear visual distinction. The ceilings all have the same rich dark walnut wood, but the height varies from room to room. In the common areas, the ceiling and beams have the same warm gray wood that was applied to the exterior facade.


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Above: The screened-in porch is the only part of the design that the architect regrets. He would like to change it into a room with walls, as it is the only room of the home the family does not use. He has clients that love their screened-in porches, but it is a design decision that is not for everybody. If you are inspired by screened porches, have a look at this inspiring article we have featured: 38 Amazingly cozy and relaxing screened porch design ideas.


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Photos: Ryann Ford / Allison Cartwright

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Sandeep Gill
3 years ago

Beautiful can you send the plan for this spanish 4 bedroom villa its awsome