Spanish-style house in Texas with artistic yet flawless design

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This Spanish-style house was designed by Ryan Street & Associates along with designer Elizabeth Stanley, is located in Tarrytown, a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. The designer and her now husband had purchased this property, having discovered it after a yard sale on the property. The designer’s trademark style is modern furnishings, flea market finds, fine antiques and contemporary art. She went on to become friend’s with the homeowners, who contacted her two years later to inform her their home was on the market.

The designer could not resist, as this home was is a beautiful neighborhood and was a very classic style of architecture in need of a renovation. After commissioning local architect Ryan Street to help the couple with the task, they discovered that the home was unfortunately not salvageable. So together, they devised a plan to tear down the home and site the new house in the same position on the gently sloping lot. They built the new home on the same footprint, in keeping with the spirit of the original structure—yet developing a better version.

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On the interiors, the designer opted for a bright and airy feel, creating open spaces that are characteristic of a modernized home. The design scheme reflects an eclectic antique-meets-mod palette. The designer’s design style was inspired by her travels through places such as California, Santa Fe, Italy and France. She also consulted with a gallery owner friend to give her some artistic feedback on ranging artwork to meet the homeowner’s eclectic tastes.

The walls are white-waxed Venetian plaster, not only creating luminosity, but are the perfect backdrop for the owner’s unique art collection. Expansive steel-framed windows and doors overlook a terraced front yard. The interiors are brimming with intriguing design features, just waiting to be discovered by visiting guests. The designer has a unique flair for merging artistic aesthetic into livable spaces.

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What We Love: This Spanish-style house showcases a designers raw talent for accessorizing with rare art, while still making it feel habitable. The new design of this lovely home keeps the spirit of the old design alive, while creating a personal design statement. The design of this new build is bright and airy, with flawless design features and an open and spacious layout… Readers, please share with us your thoughts on this Texas home, do you like what the design team has done?

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Above: On the kitchen island, the countertop is honed statuary marble, while the perimeter countertops feature salvaged 16th-century bluestone flooring from a Belgian castle. A built-in banquette saves space and creates a cozy breakfast nook.

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Above: The master bedroom suite is located on the second level, illuminated in the evening by an antique French chandelier.

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Above: The master bathroom features Carrera marble, while the integrated bathtub surround is statuary marble.

Photos: Ryann Ford

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Pat Lukes
7 years ago

That Zebra head said a lot about the homeowner. No matter how pretty the house is or how much money they spent on remodeling; the choice to display a dead animal head speaks volumes and all the rest of it is for naught. Yes, I’m judging.

6 years ago
Reply to  Pat Lukes

I agree. What a beautiful home then… boom, dead animal head. It’s sickening to say the least.