Extraordinary Napa Valley home harmoniously blends with its surroundings

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Designed by BAR Architects, this transitional style home seamlessly blends into its setting on the side of a canyon, located in Napa Valley, California. The homeowner requested that their home be designed to meld into its beautiful surroundings. The main residence consists of 13,040 square feet, occupying one of the last ridge top sites that was available in the Napa Valley region. The ridgeline offers sweeping views of the San Francisco bay to the south and panoramic views of Napa Valley.

There is also a guest house on the property, encompassing 2,567 square feet of living space. According to the architects, the guest house also blends into the landscape, “featuring wood trellises, stone elements and colored stucco that reflects the color palette of the surrounding hills.” The guest house was limited by local ordinances to just 995 square feet of interior living space. The architects were able to increase the space by double with the addition of a covered loggia between the guest bedroom suites, decks and a courtyard.

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Upon entrance into the main residence, one crosses a glistening white Alhambra limestone flooring and makes their way into the expansive living room. Sliding glass doors opens to reveal an exquisite wrap-around stone-paved terrace, which flows into the game room, connecting the interiors to a second terrace—accessible to the pool area.

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What We Love: This Napa Valley home offers some incredible details, from the cozy outdoor living spaces to the amazing mountainside wine cave. A neutral color palette creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps to not detract from the beautiful surroundings. Loving the flow from indoors to out thanks to sliding glass doors that blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries. The home melds seamlessly into its landscape offering its inhabitants a calming place to call home…. What details caught your eye in this home? Let us know in the comments below!

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Above: The Wiseman Group was responsible for the interior decoration, which is in mainly 20th Century styling with several mid-century period pieces. The homeowners wished to have a neutral color palette with visual interest.

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Above: Through a door in the game room, a three-story spiral staircase takes you down to a 1,750 square foot wine cave. This is one of the highlights of this home, which is dug into the side of the mountain. The wine cave features a series of rooms that leads through a light-filled portal, surrounded by lush landscaping and a seating area with sweeping mountain vistas.

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Photos: Matthew Millman Photography

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Pat J

A stunningly beautiful home both in its architecture and in its design.The colors are calming and create a sense of mindfulness of the home and of its surroundings. Give me a Fortuny chandelier any day over the incongruousness of the red glass chandelier, which is my only negative comment.