Fresh and stylish two-story loft apartment in Gothenburg

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Set in a red brick building built in 1928, this two-story loft apartment features newly renovated interiors, located in Johanneberg, a district in Gothenburg, Sweden. This residence offers plenty of desirable details, such as a south-facing roof terrace and skylights that bathes the interiors with natural light. The apartment has been furnished with beautiful materials and focuses on timeless design. Spread out over two levels, the floor plan focuses on social spaces. A centrally placed kitchen with large open spaces connects to the terrace—perfect for entertaining guests.

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Upon entryway into the home you will find an impressive ceiling height with light-filled interiors and an open layout. The entire residence has consistently white pigmented flooring in ash with underlying floor heating (water borne).

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Above: A south facing-terrace means you can enjoy the sunshine during the day. Sliding glass doors emits light into the apartment and also make the border between the inside and out blurred. During the summertime the spacious terrace becomes an additional living room.

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What We Love: This amazing loft apartment offers spacious living areas and plenty of stylish details throughout. Skylights helps to make this small home feel bright and airy, while a cozy terrace provides a wonderful space to enjoy fresh air and views over a tranquil courtyard. We are especially loving the upstairs loft, with comfortable furnishings to enjoy time relaxing and entertaining friends.

Readers, please share in the comments what details in this home most inspired you and why? We love reading your feedback!

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Above: The kitchen is by Arrital, one of Italy’s largest kitchen manufacturers. The aesthetics are clean lined and modern with an international character. There is plenty of space for a dining table, as the kitchen is well-suited for entertaining guests. Two large, sprung windows open onto the courtyard.

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Above: A loft space offers a spectacular yet cozy living / TV room. Through the glass guardrail you can see the living areas from above or you can look at the stars through three large skylights. Here you can have a nice lounge hanger with your friends after dinner or you can enjoy a movie night on the sofa.

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Above: The bedroom features tall ceilings and exciting angles. Here one will have a fantastic night’s sleep thanks to high altitude with sweeping views of the city far below. Minimal furnishings keeps clutter at bay.

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Above: A walk-in closet offers invaluable storage space with built-in cabinets to store clothes, shoes, sheets, towels and other personal items.

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Above: A large and luxurious bathroom features well-appointed fittings from Duravit and Hans Grohe. Just like in hotels there are both bathtubs, ceiling showers, heated towel rails and a wide table with large wall-mounted mirror above. There is also underfloor heating and a washing machine that simplifies the everyday life. The color scale is beige / gray which gives a warm and harmonious feel and dimmable downlights to provide pleasant lighting.

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Photos: Courtesy of Alvhem

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6 years ago

I love loft living! The only downside is that they can be noisy depending on the layout of the home but they are a true pleasure to decorate !

6 years ago

I love loft living! The only down side is that they can be noisy but they are such a pleasure to decorate.