Captivating rustic home in the Spanish countryside with modern charm

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Surrounded by forest, this rustic home features a mixture of tradition and modernity, located in the beautiful countryside of Spain. Defined by large stone walls and huge wooden beams, this warm and cozy home is a place where you can live happily and comfortably. When the homeowners first discovered this home, it was very timeworn and in need of a major overhaul. The entire renovation process was done with great care. The result is magnificent and charming, where the stone construction was made to be elegant and warm, a place to live in comfort.

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The goal of the reform was to preserve the traditional elements. The owners of this house decided to rebuild the wooden ceilings and beams, all made of solid Galician chestnut, a lifelong solution that guarantees privacy and warmth. At the same time, the original gaps in the windows and doors have been maintained. In the kitchen, the design was restored to its former glory. The stone walls were preserved as they were, cleaned and retouched where necessary, walls that transmit eternal confidence and ensure protection against the weather elements.

Above: Outside, a breakfast table has been decorated with flower arrangements, such as a basket with bulbs.

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Modern materials were introduced into the renovation, which includes the selection of flooring in the living, dining and kitchen areas as well as the open spaces between them and the bathroom. It is microcement, a durable material that is easy to clean without having joints and, with its polished finish, reflects light.

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What We Love: This beautiful rustic home is steeped in tradition, with the preservation of material elements of stone and wood. The surrounding countryside adds to the overall beauty of this home, which has been decorated both indoors and out. Modern details provides comfortable living spaces, while French inspiration dotted throughout adds a cozy-warmth to the interiors.

Readers, what do you think of this home, could you picture yourself living here? Please share what details in this home most inspires you and why!

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The structure is rustic, yet the decoration is modern with a mix of rustic furnishings (such as the coffee table in the living room) with a pair of French seats. The owner has placed a sofa, also of French air, in the stone hall and on a jute rug. While in the master bedroom, a large four-poster forged bed lends a romantic twist. The most risky but really brilliant result, hangs from the ceiling of beams in the bathroom, just above the bathtub free of design, a delicate glass lamp of classic reminiscences. A classic reinvented!

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Above: The outdoors have been brought inside, where green has been used to decorate. Potted plants and candles can be seen distributed throughout the house.

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Above: The homeowners have combined different styles to provide their personal touch.

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Photos: El Mueble

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