Contemporary forest house in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

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This striking forest house boasts remarkable architectural forms, located in the Laurentian Mountains, a mountain range in Québec, Canada. The goal of the homeowners was to enjoy the charms of the forest that surrounds them, while gathering here for large family vacations. Therefore, the main goal was to include a basic feature in the specifications for the architects responsible for this design: the trees had to enter the house and constitute all angles of the design.

Mission accomplished, as the homeowners could not have dreamed it better! The architects opted for expansive glass walls as a backbone that threads the entire project. The glass surfaces are everywhere: in exterior walls, in interior divisions or as a skylight in the large patio. In addition, many of these panels are mobile, so that when they disappear, they bring the house even closer to nature.

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The structure is divided into three levels, following the slope of the land. The ground level accommodates the main living spaces: office, living room, dining room, kitchen and a patio where a second dining room is located for summer, with a sitting area around a pond. On the first floor, next to the foliage, there are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. In the basement, half-buried, two large spaces separated by a glass wall host the swimming pool and children’s play room, which serves as a bedroom because the beds are bunk beds hidden behind colored curtains.

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To complete the harmony, the exterior of the house has been covered with cedar wood slats and the interior is also made of natural materials: the floor of the common areas is made of slate, while that of the bedrooms is made of parquet. Wood dominates the kitchen, bathrooms and all the woodwork. The furnishings are characterized by simple, clean lines, leaving the views of nature surrounding the home as the central focus. The homeowners admire the natural beauty of their property, which has produced an authentic happiness for their vacation sanctuary.

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What We Love: This beautiful forest house compliments and blends with its natural surroundings thanks to its cedar wood cladding. Immersed in the forest, this house sits harmoniously within its environment, not competing or distorting it. Ample windows allows for the interior living spaces to feel light and airy while connecting the interior and exterior living spaces.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this vacation retreat, could you picture spending your vacations here? Why or why not in the comments below!


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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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6 years ago

How do the children get into those bunk beds? Is there a hidden ladder or are they high jumpers?