Shingle style cottage in the seaside village of Seal Harbor, Maine

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This traditional shingle style cottage was designed by WMH Architects along with Leandra Fremont-Smith Interiors, located in the heart of the Seal Harbor Village, Maine. For those of you that have never been to this slice of heaven, let us give you more details. This home is ideally positioned on the southeastern quadrant of Mount Desert Island, which is home to Acadia National Park. If you have not heard of this park and you love nature, put it on your bucket list: Amazing! Now on with the home tour…

This two-story family home takes its cue from the historic architecture of prolific Mount Desert Island. The exterior facade features a steeply pitched roof, bold massing, natural shingled walls. Traditional embellishments includes half-rail walls, tapered half columns and deep covered porches. All of these design features helps to create a strong connection to the home’s surroundings.

Project Team: Architecture: WMH Architects / General Contractor: E.L. Shea Builders & Engineers / Interiors: Leandra Fremont-Smith Interiors

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The interior of this home offers 3,000 square feet of living space, with mainly white walls and pops of color in serene blues and greens and reds. The color scheme was inspired by the seaside, while the artwork and accessories really pulls in the local flavor.

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What We Love: This shingle style cottage offers a comfortable and cozy respite in a picturesque seaside town. Inviting furnishings and charming decor throughout the interiors creates a refreshing atmosphere and a wonderful place to call home. Loving the screened-in porch, it would be such a fantastic spot to curl up and read a book or enjoy the company of your family and a roaring fireplace… Readers, what are you thinking about this home, could you envision yourself living here? Let us know in the comments!

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Above: A cozy four-season, screened-in porch invites the outdoors-in, while providing family and friends a comfortable spot to relax. A fireplace adds warmth on cool days.

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Photos: Jeff Roberts Photography

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