Bright and inviting summer vacation retreat in Cádiz, Spain

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Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this summer vacation retreat was designed by architect Enrique Johansson, located in the residential community of Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain. This home represents the image of the contemplative life. Designed for an extended family that receives many house guests, the home was designed to be comfortable, spacious and very modern. The gorgeous interiors were designed by Carmen Brujó. Both professionals got the goals set by the owners who wished for a place of rest and relaxation, modern architecture and quiet interiors. The designers had full freedom, with the work being executed in nine months.

The home was new construction, designed as a succession of volumes in an L-shape “closed” to the adjacent streets and set flush into the garden. This relationship with the outside intensified opening horizontal holes to the South and East which it filled with light and creating generous porches. In addition, the social areas with the installation of a living area and a dining room outdoor have doubled. The combination of white facades and exposed concrete produces an effect of dynamism between the varying heights and structural elements.

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Cubic volumes and different levels make up the elevation of the facade, which highlights powerfully the greenish blue door.

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Throughout the home are Turkish limestone floors, providing a sense of cohesiveness. The interiors are committed to freshness and lightness mixed of warm notes. The eclectic, but balanced, selection of-vintage, contemporary design and family antiques furniture, the skillful use of color to give continuity or prominence, the choice of textiles… Everything contributes to create the pleasant climate of a relaxing holiday home.

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What We Love: This summer vacation retreat is surrounded by a beautiful garden, where indoor and outdoor spaces seem to seamlessly merge. The interiors are a tribute to the essence of summer with a sense of calm reflected in the serene color palette. The nearby sea seems to be the main thread throughout the interiors, found in the entryway door and in the furnishings, objects and textiles. This helps to reinforce the freshness of the white walls as the backdrop.

Readers, please share with us what you think of this holiday retreat in Cadiz, Spain. Would this be your idea of the perfect vacation home? Why or why not?

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The dressing room features plenty of natural light with the skylight above.

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This orientation of the House mitigates the noise of the adjacent streets. The concrete plasters and paint in white are the dominant finishes.

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A previously restored wooden board and industrial legs form this large dining room table.

Summer Vacation House-05-1 Kindesign

The interior designer Carmen Brujó selected from her showroom many furniture and objects that furnished the house.

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The top floor terrace offers magnificent views of the garden and the swimming pool.

Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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