Modern beach house in New Zealand embraces its ocean vistas

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Nestled on top of a ridge, this impressive modern beach house was designed by Bossley Architects, located in Gisborne, New Zealand. This single-story home offers amazing panoramic views from Poverty Bay right around to Tatapouri Point. The home was carefully integrated into the hillside, stepping down as it reaches the edge of the ridge. It extends out towards the sea to capture the mesmerizing seaside views.

The homeowners requested to have a vacation home where they could not only host extended family members, but also serve as a cozy retreat for just the two of them. The scope of the project entailed a T-shaped plan in the form of two wings, one of which could be closed down when not in use; or for privacy. “This form allows a sheltered outdoor area that is protected from the easterly and nor-easterly winds, yet is still very much connected to the view through the home’s glass-walled living wing,” explains the architects.

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The landscaping and terracing extends out horizontally from the house, helping to ground the house to it’s site. This also creates a series of layered exterior spaces.

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What We Love: This modern beach house perfectly frames it’s seaside views while maintaining a low-maintenance, minimalist aesthetic. The mostly white interiors helps to not detract from the views that surrounds this home. With the translucent glass, the indoors and outdoors form a seamless connection…. Readers, what do you find most appealing about the overall design of this home? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Above: Due to the harsh elements of the sea, materials were carefully selected for this project. This included: exposed steel frame, stackbonded masonry, aluminium joinery, prepainted mini-corrugate cladding, timber flooring and honed concrete terraces.

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Above: The shape of this beach home also provides wind protection for a courtyard and the outdoor swimming pool. These spaces still connect with the ocean through site lines preserved by the home’s transparent main living wing.

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Photos: Courtesy of Bossley Architects

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frederick joswick
6 years ago

What’s not to like about this house. Here i go again ,ready to move, LOVE IT, LOVE IT