25 Very inspiring string light ideas for magical outdoor spaces

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Get creative with your outdoor living spaces by adding string lights overhead, enhancing your entertaining areas with some romantic ambiance. The soft glowing light cast by this lights strung overhead can add that little extra you have been looking for, especially if you do not have an outdoor fire feature. The added bonus is they are inexpensive to purchase and you can use them liberally without breaking your budget. Not to mention they can add a decorative touch!

When looking to purchase string lights, be sure to select outdoor-rated lights. LED bulbs will last a very long time, however incandescent bulbs will give you that trademark soft glow. You can add them just about anywhere, above your dining area, seating area, hot tub, swimming pool, etc. There are plenty of ideas, have a look below for some fantastic inspiration. Tip: Solar options can be a great choice for lights located further from power outlets. String lights are an inexpensive way to add a magical touch.

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1. An open and spacious side yard patio features lush gardens and party string lights. (via Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro)

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2. An intimate outdoor living space is illuminated by magical fairy lights. (via Jay Corder, Architect)

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3. A Chicago residence features an outdoor rooftop living space decorated with string lights that have vintage tungsten filament bulbs on a dimmer switch. (via Accents Lighting)

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4. A pergola is illuminated by LED Christmas tree/patio lights that can be purchased from most stores. (CJs Hearth & Home)

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5. String lights are attached to a stainless steel cable. The lights were purchased from Party Lights, the model is “Medium Base String Light”, the bulbs are 11S14’s. (via Native Son Design Studio)

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6. This lush outdoor oasis in Mexico City features climbing vines over garden walls and rows of fairy lights adding a touch of ambiance to the space. (via VGZ Arquitectura)

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7. The string lights were installed by an electrician and hardwired to the house. Eye bolts were used to attach from the house to the tree. (via Casa Smith Designs)

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8. A small backyard features a cozy living space centered around an outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen. String lights adds a festive feel to the space. (via Promised Path Landscaping)

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9. A Florida home features a sumptuous swimming pool surrounded by a patio and illuminated by string lights sourced from Hometown Evolution. (via LGB Interiors)

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10. A cozy side yard patio in the heart of San Francisco offers a great space for entertaining. The addition of string lights adds a touch of ambiance when the sun goes down. (via Nanette Wong)

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11. A cozy and inviting outdoor space in New York for spring, summer and fall to entertain family and friends. The lights helps to create an intimate outdoor cafe setting. String lights can also come in copper and galvanized shades. (via Liquidscapes)

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12. A Mill Valley, California residence features a cozy fireplace seating area in the backyard. String lights helps to create a festive atmosphere. Outdoor cafe lights are strung from tree to house and back again. (via Pedersen Associates)

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13. A loggia is used as an outdoor dining room at a home in the Isle of Hope, Georgia. There are several outdoor outlets located up in the rafters, so extension cords were not needed for the string lights. The glass lights were sourced from Target. (via Linn Gresham Haute Decor)

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14. An outdoor courtyard features a swimming pool and cozy seating areas illuminated by fairy lights. (via Celebrity Communities)

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15. In the evening, this wine country courtyard gets transformed into a luxurious open-air dining room with just a few cafe lights strung between trees. Three wings of this house makes a shelter for the space, which can be enjoyed all year round. (via Nick Noyes Architecture)

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16. This spacious patio features a pergola decorated with light strings, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. (Yardscapes Northwest)

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17. String lights are used to highlight under the railing of this treetop home in Hollywood, California. Adding to the magical ambiance are small shaded lights hardwired along the tree. (via Ggem Design Co)

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18. A Mediterranean style patio in Santa Barbara, California features an outdoor dining space with a pergola decorated with string lights. The lights adds a nice ambiance in the evening, along with the hanging candelabras. (via Lindsay Hunter Design)

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19. A town home features an outdoor entertaining space with a fireplace and built-in BBQ area. The lights hanging over the area were sourced from Urban Lights in Denver. They are called festoon lights. (via Godden Sudik Architects)

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20. Dine al fresco in this intimate garden setting illuminated by fairy lights. (via Lights4fun)

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21. A mediterranean patio in San Diego, California features an intimate outdoor courtyard decorated with party light strings for ambiance. (via Ronneal Lightings)

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22. The fairy lights of this outdoor living space are attached to the pergola, adding warmth and intimacy to this outdoor space. (via Katharine Webster)

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23. Relax in an outdoor living room with cozy accents such as an area rug, plush sofa with comfortable pillows and a throw. Add ambiance by adding string lights overhead to enjoy when the sun goes down. (via McGuire Furniture Company)

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24. A cozy Mediterranean style dining area on the side of a yard in Los Angeles, California gets illuminated by fairy lights. (via North Design)

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25. An inviting backyard patio in Southern California offers cozy seating around a built-in fireplace, a built-in barbecue and dining area. Ambiance is added to the space with several strands to strings lights overhead. (via Stout Design-Build)

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