Spectacular loft apartment in SoHo with an industrial edge

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Interior design studio Oliver Burns was responsible for the creation of this industrial loft apartment located in SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. This sleek apartment has been infused with sophisticated feminine highlights throughout. Featuring a neutral color palette, texture and contrast come into play as velvety soft aged leather seating mingles with shimmering fabrics, softening the apartment’s industrial edge.

Walls of white lacquered cabinetry sit effortlessly alongside exposed brickwork and arched metal windows in the living spaces, providing contrast and intrigue. Beyond the full-height sliding metal doors, French-style furniture and metallic sheers exude classic elegance in the master bedroom, marrying the urban style with feminine poise. The result is a spectacular apartment that showcases the ultimate in luxury loft living.

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What We Love: This incredible loft apartment features a layering of textures including exposed concrete flooring and exposed brick, adding to the overall industrial atmosphere. An open and spacious layout helps to create voluminous spaces that are bright and airy. A cool palette of white and gray gets a touch of warmth with the infusion of chocolate with pink and mauve nuances.

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The living room evokes a more refined atmosphere, designed with a neutral palette of white and grey blended with chocolate and whispers of pink and mauve. Velvety soft aged leather mingles with draped linen and a shimmering silver rug, tempering the sharp geometry of the cabinetry and Tom Dixon side tables.

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Beyond the industrial metal sliding doors, feminine accents are carried through into the master bedroom where the swathes of shimmering silk drapes combine with French style painted furniture to evoke an air of timeless elegance. In contrast, the guest bedroom portrays a stronger industrial atmosphere with vintage leather furniture and berry coloured silk drapes sitting against a cool palette of greys.

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The kitchen is pure urban chic. Residing against a backdrop of characterful brickwork and arched metal windows, exposed bulbs hang effortlessly above an industrial style trestle table and an eclectic mix of chairs. Walls of white lacquered cabinetry meet with pale wood flooring to reflect light and introduce a touch of polished elegance to the interior.

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Photos: James Balston

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