28 Absolutely dreamy Bohemian garden design ideas

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When decorating your outdoor space, a Bohemian garden theme is an increasingly popular look that can give your space some bright and playful aesthetics. Bohemian decorating is not only beautiful to look at, it offers a whimsical ambiance that can also be quiet comfortable. There are plenty of ideas to create this style, such as incorporating salvaged pieces such as dressers, sofas, cupboards and tables and place them in your garden. You can surround these furnishings with lush plants and trees, such as roses, hydrangeas, lavender, dahlias, freesia and bamboo. They will help to add vibrance and a freshness to your outdoor space.

You can also add some vintage items to your outdoor Boho theme. Such items could be an old door, window, lamp, even some dinnerware. A hammock or a fabric tent might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Enjoy entertaining in your Boho style, whether it be with pillows and blankets on the ground or an adorable set of chairs and a table for your garden party. We have put together a fabulous collection of Bohemian garden ideas that will help you to create your own stylish outdoor space. Enjoy and please let us know which one inspired you the most!

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Bohemian Garden Design Ideas-01-1 Kindesign1. A cozy outdoor dining area is decorated with string lights and hanging bottles with tea lights for ambiance. Potted plants and a cupboard full of dinnerware, with a backdrop of ivy on a trellis. (via Pinterest)

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2. This bohemian outdoor seating area is perfectly suited to outdoor entertaining and summertime parties. The seating area was painted in Farrow & Ball Brassica No.271, while the wooden panels behind are Farrow & Ball Calke Green No.34. (via Farrow & Ball)

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3. A ultra lush outdoor garden space in London is full of Bohemian inspiration with all of the whimsical touches. An outdoor patio heater will keep you extra cozy on those cool summer or crisp fall evenings. (via Irra Ariella Khi)

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4. Bohemian guru Justina Blakeney shows just how fun and playful your outdoor living space can be. You can find all of these products for sale from the Cohanga Hanging Chair to the Vela Cirrus Pendant, on the Candelabra store. (via Justina Blakeney)

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5. This Brooklyn, New York backyard retreat invites you to linger, offering an eclectic mix of seating areas. A bamboo-screen backdrop helps to conceal an existing chain link fence. (Better Homes & Gardens)

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6. A Los Angeles home features this cozy outdoor oasis with a pair of curvy lounge chairs and some plump white cushions. Lush gardens surround this spot, with ivy, roses and bamboo trees. (via Hospitality Turnkey)

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7. Cozy outdoor space with Boho inspired decorations and whimsical touches. Throws and toss pillows helps to create an inviting oasis to spend time enjoying the great outdoors. (via fleamarketfab)

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8. This backyard oasis is chalk full of plants and succulents, located in Richmond, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia. (via The Design Files)

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9. These DIY string light poles with concrete bases infuses some nature in your Boho backyard theme. (via The Home Depot Blog)

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10. The owners of this oasis spend a half-year of intensive cultivation, creating a lush garden with many plants, flowers and a vegetable garden. A cozy seating area with Boho style cushions, a small coffee table and some lanterns completes the aesthetic. (via VT Wonen)

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11. A backyard patio makeover went from drab to fab. Called the “jungalow”, this space is full of colorful prints, plants, an umbrella and comfortable outdoor furnishings. (via The Jungalow)

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12. This outdoor patio remodel features some fun items, such as the salvaged window and tree stump tables with potted succulents. Plenty of whimsy and some vivacious cushions for that Boho punch. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co.)

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13. Toss some mats and pillows on the ground and you can have yourself a Boho garden party! (via Home of Thrones)

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14. This outdoor oasis has Boho-vibe all over it, from the succulents to the string lights, comfortable furnishings and plants galore! (via Bohemian General)

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15. This Boho style backyard patio is that of designer Judy Aldridge, who stated: “Beautiful light on my back patio after the rain. Everything is turning green again!” If you love Bohemian, have a look at the link we provided, her online shop is Boho chic, sourced from Guatemala and Mexico. (via Atlantis Home)

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16. In Fremantle, Western Australia, a 1950’s bus and a 1970’s caravan encompasses this property, for additional living spaces for a family of six! Their home is surrounded by Bohemian gardens and outdoor living spaces. (The Design Files)

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17. A tea party in the woods. (via Daisy Pink Cupcake)

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18. A wonderful spot to spend a lazy afternoon, lounging on a hammock, surrounded by a lovely English garden. (via Period Living)

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19. This adorable teepee would look amazing in your Boho style garden. The stylist, Selina Lake, has written a book about how to style your outdoor spaces. She states, “You don’t have to be an expert gardener to achieve my style outside, you just need lots of colourful and pretty accessories, and to look at what you have in a different light.” (via Modern Country Style with photography by Debi Treloar)

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20. A Los Angeles bungalow features this lovely minimalist Bohemian patio, the homeowners favorite space. (via Rue Magazine)

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21. This bohemian hideaway is filled with all the creature comforts you would have inside your home, creating a cozy outdoor living space. (via Matthew Williamson)

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22. Have a stylish picnic in your garden, just add some toss pillows for seating and some hanging lanterns for ambiance. (via H&M Home)

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23. Create a Boho-inspired campsite in your backyard for a dreamy nights sleep. Be sure to click on the link we provided if you are wanting to see more images of the DIY to put this ensemble together. (via Spell Designs)

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24. Tucked in some lush greenery is a cozy bench with plush textiles, moroccan lanterns and a candle for ambiance. (via This Hopeless Romantic)

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25. Black and white textiles adds a stylish flair to this summer garden. A sun bed full of plush fabrics makes this a cozy spot to lounge. A footstool offers the perfect spot to set a tray with drinks and snacks. (via Vtwonen)

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26. Suspend a chair on your outdoor patio that overlooks your garden. (via Studio Lab Decor)

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27. This Boho backyard tent offers a cozy little hideaway space, perfect for offering some shade from the sun. (via Idha Lindhag)

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28. A comfortable and vivacious Boho-inspired outdoor patio. (via Pinterest)

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Mari Larsen
3 years ago

Thank you for representing “boho” with such a liberating respect; much inspiration has been garnered!