43 Bohemian-chic interiors to rock your senses

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Bohemian-style design is perfect for those who enjoy creatively thinking outside the box. This style of design doesn’t force you to stick to rules, but it is difficult to create, because the key to doing it successfully is to make it look completely effortless and unplanned. There are some must haves, such as fabrics and patterns collected from around the world, books, pieces of art (especially old art), and a certain flair for messiness. If you have an empty space, fill it with paintings, fabrics, pillows and figurines, bohemian interiors are full with accessories. The style is not simply eclectic, it is not neat or matching and it is definitely not modern (check Anthropologie and World Market for bohemian pieces). True bohemian style is achieved only when the room appears as if you just collected all the interesting things you have picked up on your travels and combined them with all the good books you have ever read, then blend everything together with a few old family portraits in gilt frames and some mismatched pieces of wooden furnishings. Nothing can match; lamps do not necessarily have to work, pick up some vintage pieces, and the best part is, you don’t have to make your bed, messy is in!

If you don’t want to follow any design rules, be inspired by this fabulous collection of bohemian designs we have put together for you. Don’t forget to let us know which one your favorite is!

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This bedroom features a perfect example of bohemian flair, except for the neatness; mixed ethnic patterns, dreamy but sloppy canopy and clustered art in mismatched frames.

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