Compact bachelor pad in Prague features trendy results

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This compact apartment was completely redesigned by Daniele Federico Melilli of Stag Pads, located in the trendy area of Vrsovice, a district of Prague. Before we continue on with this home tour, we would like to mention that we have featured another of Stag Pads works recently, have a look here. This 484 (45 square meters) apartment home was designed by Daniele for his partner, Josef, a 35 years old media professional. He purchased this apartment back in 2009, yet did very little renovations to his home.

“He replaced the windows, the kitchen, installed tiles in the entry and a laminated wooden floor in the kitchen/living area. In part, he could not figure out what to do with the flat or perhaps it was a lack of a vision, he left the rest of the flat the same for many years. When we met he asked me an opinion about the apartment, and it was clear a bathroom renovation was screaming to be done. We started planning the bathroom, he loved the ideas and so we decided to redecorate the whole apartment,” stated Daniele.

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Here is a description of the project that Daniele has shared with us in an email: “The scope of the project was to make the space cool and airy, with a smart use of color and space. He had very little requests, is only wishes were to include his favorite colors, blue and yellow; and to fit a bathtub in the bathroom. The bathroom was a real challenge, because it is quite small, and the other big challenge was the small budget available. We took a risk, and I placed a full size bathtub at the end of the room.

The ceiling was very high, 3.40 meters, so I lowered the ceiling down to 2.60 meters, so that the room would appear more proportioned. I installed white long subway tiles in a grid scheme, a hexagonal black tile on the floor, and painted the ceiling and the top section of the walls in a very dark grey, so that the room would visually look wider and longer. It worked like magic. The change was jaw dropping (have a look at the before images at the end of this home tour).”

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“There wasn’t a particular inspiration, I followed my instinct based on Josef’s character and personality. For me it was like painting his portrait somehow, everything came along slowly by itself. We worked together on selecting furniture and artworks. Each artworks represents his passions, those being animals, movies, history and anthropology. It was great as working together gave us the chance to know each other better on a different level.

The furniture and decor items were sourced from vintage and second hand stores as well as high street flat pack stores due to the limited budget we had available. We mixed vintage furniture we fixed, hacked or reupholstered with Ikea pieces, H&M and Zara Home decor items, and pieces he had already for a long time collected through travels.”

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“The place now has a very hip and cool feel and is surely matching the area is situated in, Vrsovice is one of the most up and coming areas in Prague, with cool new coffees, restaurants and bars popping up every month.”… Readers, what do you think of the finished result of this apartment? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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What We Love: This compact apartment makes full use out of all available space. Showcasing ample function mixed with high style… and on a budge! We love the subtle pops of color and masculine details that draws your eye in to the fantastic details. Although the space is compact, the designer has done a wonderful job of making it feel bright and airy. Overall, a great design aesthetic that is comfortable and feels very livable—and ultra trendy. Thank you for sharing your project with us Daniele!

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Images Prior To The Renovation

Compact Modern Apartment-Stag Pads-10-1 Kindesign

Compact Modern Apartment-Stag Pads-11-1 Kindesign

Compact Modern Apartment-Stag Pads-12-1 Kindesign

Photos: Juliana Vlckova / This project was submitted to us through our submissions form. If you have a project you would like us to feature, please contact us here.

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