30 square meters attic apartment in Prague gets stylish facelift

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This small attic apartment is located in the historical Prague district of Mala Strana, right below the castle and just a short walk from the Charles Bridge. The 322 square foot (30 square meters) home was designed by Stag Pads, an interiors studio geared towards helping men with their design needs. The client commissioned the help of Daniele Federico Melilli, the director of the studio, to redecorate this space.

The goal was to create a stylish interior to be rented to tourists as well as short-term rentals. The client had a limited budget of 750 euros ($790), so the designer needed to get creative. He already had a two-seat sofa bed, in addition to an Ikea bed. The designer needed to work around these items to create a cohesive aesthetic that is “pulled together—more cozy, airy and cool,” states the designer.

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The client did not have any specific requests, but did ask the Stag Pads if they could infuse some pops of color into this small apartment home. “While shopping for another client I saw a sage green pillow, I bought it, and built the decor scheme around it,” states the designer.

“I then decided that the best way to introduce some color to the kitchen area was to paint the cabinets, we decided to use a sage green for the bottom cabinets, and an off white (slightly grey) for the top cabinet, replaced the handles with some brushed brass ones, and we got a kitchen looking brand new for just a few tens of euros.”

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In addition to what was already in the space, the design team introduced a rocking chair, a pair of coffee tables, and a layering of textiles, pillows, and decor items.

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What We Love: The design concept of this studio, geared at catering to men, is a wonderful idea. If you read the firms bio at the end of this article, you would probably agree, most design blogs cater more to woman than helping men. There are plenty of bachelors out there that need help as well! We love that they have found their niche and are budget-minded at the same time. We love stylish interiors mixed with budget-concious design. Stag Pads has done a phenomenal job of mixing the two.

Readers, what do you think of Stag Pads design style? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. A special thank you to Stag Pads for reaching out to us to feature their work!

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More About Stag Pads:

Stag Pads is an interior design studio based in Prague and London, focusing mainly on male clients. After studying Interior Architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I ended up working as a fashion stylist for 10 years.

While helping a friend designing his new apartment in Prague, looking for inspiration in magazines and blogs, we both noticed there was an evident lack of publications that would focus on masculine design. Most magazines and blogs are aiming at women. There are so many men, single men, that have flats and a large disposable income but lack of inspiration, time, and ideas. So from that we decided to start Stag Pads.

We have been in the business now for about two years.

For me the biggest challenge with Stag Pads is convincing these men that they need more than a bed and a sofa and a huge TV, but they need decor items, pillows, bedside tables, curtains, plants and so on. The biggest reward is seeing their faces when they see the finished space, and getting excited by all the little things that make the space great and make it feel like home.

Photos: Browneyedcouple / This project was submitted to us through our submissions form. If you have a project you would like us to feature, please contact us here.

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